Lumin-Essence - from Time and Space Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:True Reflections

Lumin-Essence or Luminescence is the energy of the Moon, given in transmission so that we can learn to see and perceive the power of true reflections.

The moon can be the most amazing and wondrous thing as it hangs in a clear sky, moving quickly along its path, but how often do we stop to think what we are looking at precisely?

Firstly, what we see is the reflected light of the sun. The moon bounces the sunlight onto us via its surface. So, the fact that the moon appears to be lit up is an illusion that we all know and understand, but think of the people of Earth many generations ago, who perhaps did not have our understanding of how things work in the heavens. What did they think and perceive about the moon? Well their answers came not from science but from the way they 'felt' about things and this powerful natural connection allowed them to understand the different energies and thus create different celebrations for each heavenly body.

The Moon is the symbol of True Reflections or Reflections of Truth. The light of the moon is an illusion, it is merely the reflection of the truth of the sun. However, the energies of both night time and the light of the moon, are both Yin or feminine. So what happens to the power of the Yang, masculine energy of the sun, once it passes to Earth via the reflection of the Moon?  Some say that the moon is merely a dead rock circling the earth, but that cannot be so, otherwise it would not be able to change the quality of sunlight from masculine to feminine.

Think of the sun as a power that you cannot gaze upon as the light is so bright, yet the Light of God behind the sun is even brighter than that.  Because we cannot gaze directly on the Light of God or sunlight, God gives us the moon so that we can look into the safe reflections, which  are the symbolism of the Light of truth reflected. Therefore, we can use moonlight to reveal the reflections of truth through the feminine wisdom of Goddess Moon.

This essence helps you to illuminate reflections of truth. Therefore, you can use it to connect with the moon and her wisdom, but also to ask for guidance and clarity on things that are hidden from view, such as life's little dilemmas to your next step on your path of truth.

The Moon is how God enables us to witness His Light reflected into physical reality.

The Moon's reflection brings the Light of Heaven down to Earth.

The Moon links us into the Universe, she is our connection to the starry heavens.

Blessings and Peace.

Location:Given from the Goddess of the Moon


Time:Stimulated by Denise on 14th August 2010 and made on 9th September 2010

Detail:A 5th Dimensional Essence, whose origin is beyond Time and Space.


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