Ascendance - from Time and Space Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:Dancing into the Heart of God

The essence for the previous period, which was The Mystery, was given directly from the Divine Feminine, the Earth Mother. In this period, there is a complete polar shift and the essence is being given directly from the Masculine Source, the God-consciousness. These are interesting times, when we can witness such massive shifts from one extreme to the other in such a short period. This would not be possible in what we consider normal or recent historical times. The pull on our energies would be too great to bear, which shows how quickly the light workers are adapting to change, but we wait to see what happens in the outside world as these energies of this period act upon those who are not yet awakening.

The reason we can do this is because The Mystery Essence paved the way and grounded you strongly into the Earth Mother. You are now held tightly and in safety and security as The Earth Mother continues to take you deeper, pulling at your essence of being, dragging you into the Earth, so that you become so grounded that you can hold ever more light. You cannot hold the light without the grounding to carry it.

ASCENDANCE   -  The Ascend Dance

We like to play with words and images and in this period we are playing with the lives of the whole of humanity in that we are sending a Dance for you all to play your own tune to, which of course is the reversal of sending you a tune to dance to.

I speak to you through David today as Universal Consciousness or God. I speak to you as The Source most high and omnipresent in every atom of your reality and all realities, so as you read my words, you will experience the true totality of everything that I am or have ever been in the present and in the past, whilst also being the future. I am your future. You are with me in this dance into the future, even though the dance is in the present and can only ever be in the present as 'we' might say that there is no future, there is only now.

Shortly, you will enter this phase where your hearts will be separated a little from the solidity of the artificial self that you have created with the use of your minds and also other people's thoughts and minds as to what is right and proper on your journey through life. Let us say that there is no right or wrong way, there is only the path homeward and that path can only be walked by you as an individual aspect of your soul through what you discover on this journey through life. You are only ever trying to discover the truth.

Also, although I mention that this essence is to help you connect during this period, the nature of this essence will work in any future period to help open your hearts to the dance that I prepare for you, but at present, this essence is specific to this period as this is the first time such a process has been unfolded for the whole of humanity in this time of ascension. Therefore, if you should feel a need of it in the future, this essence will be fully formed and will continue to evolve in line with the acceleration of Universal Consciousness.

The Teachers of Truth

I have sent many teachers into the world, over many generations and there is always a teacher ready for you, when you are ready for the teacher, but in such a time of ascendance as this, some of your teachers may seem harsh as they push you to face the truth of who you are and help to illuminate the paths that will lead to your success or lead to your destruction. Do not be alarmed by this use of the word destruction. What it implies is that when you continually take the wrong path for your journey, certain aspects of your present life become destroyed. Aspects of your ego-self are taken away so that they can no longer lead you a merry dance into oblivion. As the Universe decides what aspects to take away, through this destruction process, then you carry less baggage and become more focussed on the journey in hand. Shall we say that at times, it is necessary for us to focus your attention for your own good and we do this through creating a situation which stops you and makes you think, question and feel for the truth. Your teachers are there to help you with the clarification process, to help you to see the truth in any situation through the illumination of their ascended state. Do not underestimate your teachers, for theirs is to journey to places you can only dream of and they do this through their total commitment and ability to detach to a point where they become empty enough for my guidance to pass through them.

With this essence of Ascendance, we send you a Dance, which is an opportunity for your heart to leap in time to a new music, that of the Divine Love of the whole of the Universe laid bare for you to see, feel and experience on many levels. On every level even, if you have the wherewithal to open at such a level to experience it, which is always possible, but not quite probable for most of you in your present condition. However, the Dance of Ascendance is an opportunity where a door is opened into the All, for you to experience as much or as little of that as you dare, based on your deeper limitations as you continue to learn how to journey into wholeness and oneness with Me.

Normally, when you listen to a tune, you listen with your ears. Let us say that this is old hat. Listening with your ears is for those who are not complete. Now is your time to learn how to listen with the whole of your being, through that instrument that sees and hears all, the heart. As I open the hearts of humanity during this next period, they will be more attuned to listen and hear; to see and perceive and to welcome the changes that are on offer.

This essence will help you to become more receptive and perceive the Universal Dance that is awaiting your attendance. It will help to open your heart and dissolve any fears that prevent you from hearing. It will open your heart as a vessel to receive.

In a way, this essence takes the struggle out of receiving the Light of God into the core of your being as it opens you with a sense of knowing that you have no choice about the destination of your journey. You all have to come home to Unity at some point, but in order to do so, you have to learn how to be God and that is where the fear comes in as you begin to touch into the soul memory of that journey you have made before into the Becoming of God process.

There are two main fears that you will recall on your journey home. The first is the isolation of being God. The loneliness of being the only being in time and space and beyond time and space. This is a sense and feeling that few humans can touch as the concept of it is so vast that the normal human mind cannot comprehend it, However, when you can touch into 5th dimensional consciousness and begin to perceive beyond time and space, as David and some of his students do, then you will touch this fear, and it can be overwhelming as you try to understand it in 4th dimensional reality.

The second major fear that you will touch as you begin to enter the 5th dimension, is the fear of touching anything that will trigger the process of becoming God. Such fears fall into the Evolutionary Fears category associated with Fear of the Power of True Transformational Light'. So, in this category, we might find some common fears within the deeper heart, such as the following: Fear of Light, Fear of God, Fear of Becoming God, Fear of Losing My Mind, Fear of Being on the Wrong Path, Fear of Change and Fear of Transformation.

The nature of transformation is one of being burned up within. Losing the Self totally. Losing the mind and everything that it has created and is attached to. This is too much for many of you to contemplate happening in one swift movement, and indeed it can and does rock you to your foundations when it happens, but the problem for most of you lies in the fact that you have made the journey from Separation to Unity before and therefore, what you experience is the 'memory of the journey' into Unity and the 'memory of the fears you encountered' as you passed through those transformations. It is the memory of the fear as much as the energy of the fear itself that forms your stumbling block to transformation.

With this essence, I help you to go beyond those memories, for memories of another time and place are not necessarily the reality of this present place in time. So, as I help you to dissolve some of the greatest fears that stand in the way of Man's journey into wholeness, you can walk in comfort and without trepidation, towards change, feeling the fear when it arises, but trusting that you can pass right through it or allow it to pass right through you.

I offer you my Dance to Ascend into my Heart through this essence of the 'Ascend Dance.'

Blessings and Peace.

The God-consciousness speaking through David.

Location:Given through Guidance and Spiritual Transmission


Time:7th August 2010

Detail:A 5th Dimensional Essence, whose origin is beyond Time and Space.


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