The Mystery - from Time and Space Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:Key to the Heart of The Earth Mother

The Great Mystery

This vibration was given to me at 8.00am on the 25th May, 2010. I didn't have the physical essence yet, but I was shown where to obtain it and given the reading for it.

At this time, there is a great emergence and concentration of teachings of the necessity to reconnect with the Earth Mother, therefore it seems entirely appropriate that the Earth Mother herself should speak and bring forth this essence for you.

"It is time for change. It is always time for change, but sometimes you are given respite or an opportunity to think and take your time. There is no time left for such luxuries. Your hearts must begin to open now, today and you need to make an effort in going into nature to begin the process of learning how to communicate with nature, for you are neither listening, nor hearing, neither acting nor receiving at an appropriate level. When I say 'you', I mean the whole of humanity.

The Great Mystery, is of course the consciousness of the Universe. What is this consciousness? Well, it is just potential. It is almost like saying that the vastness of Universal Consciousness is merely waiting for you to tell it what it is and what it is for and what it can do. You are the thinker and the doer. You can be the conductor of this Universal force. The Universal Consciousness just IS and it awaits your loving command to perform.

The Other Mystery

Let me say that there is another part of the Great Mystery, which we can call The Other Mystery and this one is on your doorstep. It is in itself a doorway into other worlds. It is in fact a reflection of your own heart and in turn your heart is the key to open the door into The Mystery. So, it is as if there are doorways within doorways and that you need certain keys to open them, but nobody gives you the keys or explains how to do it as the gift has long been forgotten, yet it is the birthright of all Beings who dwell on this planet.

The Mystery we speak of is the consciousness, which is spread out about your feet all over your planet and nobody sees it. It is nature and nature is pure love. Nature just IS, even though it is in a constant state of creation and movement, its movements merely follow the sun. The sun gives life to nature and nature responds by giving life to us by providing our basic needs for food, warmth and shelter. Nature is our nest in which we can curl up and be nurtured. Nurtured by nature, the natural process of living in harmony with ourselves.

(In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus also teaches that: "But the Kingdom of the Father is spread upon the earth and men do not see it." - DA)

This great consciousness, which is spread out all across our Earth desires only the best for you. It desires to love you into being. It desires to open your heart so that you can feel and perceive the mystery, and so the mystery becomes a reality for you, but at the same time retains an air of mysteriousness in order to continue to entice your consciousness to open and seek the truth within it. I perpetuate an air of mystery by retaining secrets that will forever tantalise your heart to look deeper. That is my nature. That is how I draw you ever deeper into discovering who I am, so that in my reflection you can learn who you are.

This essence is given to you in order that you may seek the blessings of the Earth Mother through nature; through the grass, the flowers, the colours, the essences and fragrances, the trees and leaves, the wood and bark, the shapes and the light which move on a sunny day; the rain which tingles and dances on the canopy as it runs towards the woodland floor. Every moment with nature is a blessing, if only you can open to receive it. If only you can be in it, whilst being within it, whilst it is being within you.

Today, I give you this essence of myself, so that you can walk into nature and share a drop with me, the Earth Mother who gives it to you. Receive this gift of nature, then take a short journey into the woods and give back a single drop in reverence for every ounce of life-giving beauty that I attempt to entice you with. Show me love and I will reflect it ten fold through the experiences that you will have with me. Allow me to love you as I desire so to do. There is only you who separates yourself from nature. Nature merely awaits your love and communication; your desire and wanting to know the truth of my Mystery.

It takes time to awaken to the hidden forces, but you can do it with perseverance and true love. Nothing else is the key to the kingdom of The Mystery. You cannot fool me or my consciousness. I can see your truth at the deepest level. You must love me for my beauty and desire to share in that beauty at a deep level, then I will be able to interact with you. I will take you into my Mystery and bathe you in my energies. I will love you into light; I will love you into life; I will love you into eternity.

This essence will touch your heart in a way, which allows it to radiate that desire to know my Mystery. It will open your heart to allow the beginnings of communication, but it will only work if you make the effort to come and see me; to come and stand in the woods and seek my communication.

However, nothing is given for free. There always has to be an exchange. In this instance, I, the Earth Mother offer you this essence; this key to my heart, in exchange for your love. In exchange for your love, I will love you more in return. In this way, as you learn how to reach into my love and receive it though an ever opening heart, step by simple step, you are eventually drawn towards The Greater Mystery of the Unity of Love, where all is love and all is the light of love, and all of this love and light permeates every atom of your Being, whence you become that ever present light and love of the Universe and become a greater and more awakened part of The Great Mystery itself. You become a spark of the Divine, growing; shining your light for those who are ready to see it."

Use this key to the heart of the Earth Mother wisely and in reverence and with love and respect, but most of all with humility, otherwise you will never open the door to her heart and your own heart will remain blind to the love, which is spread out over all the earth that mankind does not see.

Blessings and Peace.

David and the Earth Mother.

Location:Given directly from the Earth Mother.


Time:24th May 2010

Detail:A 5th Dimensional Essence, whose origin is beyond Time and Space.


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