Acceptance - from Time and Space Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution


Let us say that there is a sense of urgency about this Essence, not an urgency for you to take it right now, although this is so, but an urgency from the Universe to communicate its message to you. We will take you through the vibrations of this Essence now and these words will carry the Light of the message deep into your heart. Read this occasionally, perhaps every few days, whilst you are working with the Essence, and clarity will emerge through the Light in the words.


Fear of Failure.  Fear of Not Being Good Enough, (in God's eyes).

Unworthiness and Acceptance are impostors. They are tricksters who turn your eyes the wrong way, who make you see things about-face. Just when you think you understand Unworthiness, like so many things on the path, you discover that there are many levels that you must eventually address and it can be difficult to see what we are looking for because we look with the mind and understanding, rather than with the heart and the knowing.

Acceptance is about the following:

Accepting the Gift of Life.

Accepting the Grace of God into your Life.

Opening yourself to the Power Within.

Surrendering to the God Within.

Accepting the Blessings of the Universe.

Accepting that YOU are GOD - Within.


Awakening to the TRUTH - Within.

Awakening to Your Self.

Seeing the Separation Within.

Accepting the Divisions Within.

Accepting the LOVE Within.

Live, Eat and Breathe the GOD Within.


The nature of this Essence will help you to move to the next level, particularly in the realms of seeing and perceiving the life within everything, especially yourself, as being animated by the same force A force, which you already know at a deeper level - whilst learning to know this force at another level; learning to know this at a God-consciousness level, deep within you.

Knowing and Accepting that every breath you take affects the outcome of this reality and that it is through your own efforts that you will change and evolve, and through this changing and evolving, you accept the challenge and the gift of becoming God-like; or of becoming God.

As the realisation dawns within you, that indeed, you play a greater role in the salvation of human consciousness than you presently perceive, then you will learn to Accept more of your Self. As you learn to accept your Self, then you will learn to accept God, whilst allowing that God to emerge within you, and vice versa.

There is only you. You are the Universe. Your path is an individual one, as God expresses His consciousness through you. That same God which is at your core, which constantly speaks to you about experiencing the things in life, which are important to your growth.

Allow that God to emerge through just being yourself. The Divine You. Stop pretending to yourself that you are unimportant; that you don't matter; that everything will be alright without you. When you abandon yourself in this way, you abandon the God within you and then that prevents the evolution of the consciousness of humanity.

When you Deny your Self, then you Deny God.

When you Deny yourself Joy, then you Deny God.

When you Deny the impulses of Love within you,

sent for your benefit and the growth of your Soul, then you Deny God.

The time for Denial of over.  The time for Acceptance is NOW!


Blessings and Peace be with you.

Location:Channelled to Earth via The Rectory Oak Tree.


Time:1st February, 2010

Detail:A 5th Dimensional Essence, whose origin is beyond Time and Space.


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