Seed of Life - from Time and Space Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:Nurturing the Core; Connection with the Self

Seed of Life is what we might term a preparation essence. It helps you find the truth within yourself. It helps you go beyond your own illusions, and, as it says in Psalm 23, it restoreth your soul. A preparation essence is one, which prepares you for what is to come at a deep level within. It touches the God within you as the God within you calls the essence inwards. It prepares to link the God within you to the Greater God-consciousness of the Universe.

Separation and Disconnection from the Soul

It is not that we lose connection to our souls completely, but we can be further away from them in terms of inner communication at times, leaving us feeling extremely separate from anything and everything. In fact, so disconnected at times as to feel 'bereft of a reason for being',let alone a reason for being here in an Earth Life.

Deep Separation or Disconnection from the streams of life that feed and nurture you can be a harrowing experience. A desolation and anguish, which actually takes you to a place where you become numb to the nature of existence. Eventually, reaching a point of not caring and even being ready to succumb to the end of life, as you touch an inner peace which can allow you to fade away from this life without effort. To be in such a place can actually be quite comforting to the person experiencing the Separation or Disconnection, but to others close to you, it can be alarming.

Let us say that many situations can intervene to create Separation or Disconnection of the Self from the very core of the Inner Being, from the very core of the God-consciousness within us. But let us explain what we mean by Disconnection of Self. The Self, we might say, is an artificial structure which allows us to maintain an identity. At many levels this is good as the identity we create allows us to function in the world of humanity. But, as you evolve, the identity of Self becomes less important, and in fact it must be dissolved in order to attain the real self or an enlightened state. What is important to us, Your Guides, is that if there is Separation or Disconnection of the Self and the Life Mission has not been completed, then it is important that repairs are made so that you may continue their journey of learning.

There are different scenarios which might create Separation or Disconnection at this deepest level. Some might be through accidental damage to the energy system consisting of the aura or chakras, which in turn affects the Heaven and Earth Links, which are the same as your direct channels to the Divine Masculine and Feminine aspects which support your life from external sources. Accidental Separations or Disconnections can also happen due to spiritual or evolutionary processes taking place within you. If there is accidental damage of such a nature, then this essence may help restore and repair the connections.

Sensing Separation

At other times, the energy system may be fine, but perhaps there is a sense or feeling of not being quite as connected as you could be. Shall we say a 'Sense of Separation' rather than an absolute Separation. Again, this essence is good for developing the connections required to access that deeper truth within you and link you strongly with the outer aspects of Masculine and Feminine through the Heaven and Earth Links.

Also, sometimes, there might be a strong desire within to move forward spiritually, perhaps a sense that there is something more but you don't know or understand what it is, other than it is a sense of being incomplete. Again, this essence may well fill that gap by encouraging development of the Heaven and Earth Links.

Restoring the Soul

When we speak of restoring the soul, we are meaning opening all the connections possible in order to connect you at the deepest level with the God within you, but also the Devine Masculine at the core of the Universe and the Diving Feminine at the core of the Earth. This is like taking you beyond the conscious barriers of who you are and allowing deeper connections to be made from those outer aspects of Heaven and Earth consciousness, to the core of who you are within to your identity of Real Self. Even connecting you with aspects of your Self that you may not even know or understand, but which are awaiting discovery.

Experiencing the God Within

As you take this essence, you give yourself permission to experience the God within your Self. Permission to go beyond your Self-imposed limitations. Permission to touch the light and allow the light to touch you. You are affirming that you are ready to discover whatever illusions the light may reveal, which create the barriers that prevent you connecting more fully to the God within you and also with your true Self.

This essence may even begin a process where certain barriers are dissolved completely.

This essence may even begin a process where you are ready to let go of the patterns that allow you to serve your artificial or 'ego Self' rather than your Real Self.

This essence may even begin a process where you are ready to serve the Light of the Universe as a messenger.

Take not this essence lightly... take it in the knowledge that you are asking for a great light to touch you. Take it in the knowledge that you may begin to accelerate if it is your time, and know that acceleration nearly always brings up more issues to deal with.

If you need help, then consult an Emerald Heart Practitioner.

Blessings and Peace

Location:Channelled to Earth via The Rectory Oak Tree.


Time:2nd January, 2009

Detail:A 5th Dimensional Essence, whose origin is beyond Time and Space.


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