The Luge - from Time and Space Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:Coming together

This essence says breathe a sigh of relief, take it easy and allow me to assist you.

There are periods for all of us, which can be most difficult to pass through and often, we suffer these evolutionary changes at the same time as each other, as the various evolutionary waves of changing Universal Consciousness wash through our lives.

As I was given this essence and the word Luge, a French word meaning sled, I was also shown streams of light converging at extreme speed at a point on the distant horizon. The vision was also that of a Bobsleigh Team, all members coming into alignment through the trials of training and preparation, then sprinting from the start, leaping into the sled and accelerating down the Cresta Run, touching ridiculous speeds as they raced against the clock of time to the finish of that race.

Evolution is like a series of non-stop races, so, just like the Bobsleigh Team, as we finish one race, we are then thrust into the next race, whether we like it or not. Each race or period of transformation, whether easy or difficult, is merely a preparation for the next. A chance to perfect the way we ride our present wave of change in the moment.

There are a number of waves of changing consciousness working with each of us in different ways. There are those who are just awakening riding their wave; those who have been on the path for some time on their individual wave and those at the cutting edge of evolution trying to maintain their balance right at the cutting edge of the Wave of Time. Each group of individuals is affected in their own way by the shifts in Universal Consciousness. So, on the one hand we are each on our own individual journey, but at the same time, there is a commonality with those who are at the same level of development as ourselves. The Luge, however, is a single person sled, symbolising our individual journey within the group or team, but the team is all around us and as one goes through a shift, so that shift influences all others in that group. The consciousness of the mass of souls on any particular wave pulls the others forwards. Perhaps unknowingly, we all help each other.

The image of the converging streams of light is symbolic of a group of individuals being pulled together by their own intense gravitational force of desire, which is expressing itself through their common goal of the spiritual journey. Like attracts like and Light attracts Light. Those seeking growth and a new way will attract those seeking growth and a new way.

As any single group of us completes the surfing of one wave, then the next wave collects us, uplifts us and pulls us onward. The Luge helps create a kind of gravitational force that pulls us all together into a dense mass of awakening consciousness, so that we all benefit from the common momentum that is being created as each person goes through a shift.

The Guides show me the streams of light converging and how the light within this essence uplifts and aligns, pulling gently at the disparate aspects of each individual's consciousness. It helps pull us into alignment and gives us a sense of completion; a convergence; a coming together of common conscious patterns, whilst preparing us for the next phase.

As energies align with each other, so they move more easily with less resistance and so the flow becomes smoother. The energy and light of each individual becomes more coherent. When you have coherent light, then it moves through time and space with more focus and less interference. It travels so quickly and smoothly that nothing knocks it off course. The Guides who help us with our evolution and the Universal Consciousness in general are trying to help us all move through time and space towards the goal of enlightenment in the easiest way possible, but for mere humans, that can sometimes appear difficult as we try to learn new ways to think and perceive.

The Luge brings to you the qualities of a deep, supporting strength as it guides your life smoothly and influences your consciousness to focus sharply within certain clearly defined parameters. If you imagine standing in the centre of a long straight road, watching it disappear in the far distance, but at the same time visualise other roads either side of you, all doing the same, like lines of perspective, all moving towards a common vanishing point on the distant horizon, then this is what The Luge is trying to do for you. It carries you forward, pulling in all like minded souls who are ready to ride the same wave on the same journey. As the common power and momentum guides you in the same direction, it creates a "mass" or "density" of energy and light, which has the power and strength to maintain its course, without interference.

If this essence is calling you today, it means that your Higher Self is desiring that you are pulled into alignment with others so that your journey might be easier, quicker and with more focus. As our light becomes more coherent, everything within us then aligns with the higher Universal Will and Desire for our success. The Luge cossets and blesses us, whilst connecting us into that common mass of desire for change. It hones our light to perfection as it attempts to prepare us for the next phase of unfolding evolution.

Blessings and Peace be with you.


Location:Channelled to Earth via The Rectory Oak Tree.


Time:Late October, 2008

Detail:A 5th Dimensional Essence, whose origin is beyond Time and Space.


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