Merry Maidens - from Devic Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution , Geomantic

Keynote:Inner Perceptions

Communicating Inner Truths: Transmits high frequency colours of purple and green. Opens up the heart and throat chakra and an energy centre just above the heart chakra. Helps you to speak your truth and verbalise your inner perceptions. Helps open one at a spiritual level. Carries spiritual insight directly into the heart centre, allowing one to share these perceptions with others, but directly from the heart, avoiding the intellect.

Grounding: Aligns the aura and subtle bodies and increases the flow of energy into the central Shushumna channel through the crown chakra. Increases and strengthens connection with the Earth through activation of the base chakra and draws up the earth’s energies into the whole being, reinforcing the body with the grounding aspect of earth energy. Excellent essence for Earth workers and healers.

Perception: Powerful cleanser of the solar plexus chakra which in turn brings about detox at a physical level through increased energy flow of the solar plexus chakra, in turn bringing about increased perception and spiritual vision from this centre. When detoxing, remember to drink plenty of filtered or bottled water for two to three days to flush out the toxins as they are released.

Earth Healing: Placing a couple of drops on the earth transmits this vibration in a radiant pattern into the local landscape, cleansing and healing all Elemental Nature Spirit aspects at a spiritual level and bringing the Earth Kingdoms as a whole into closer communion with human kind.

An excellent essence for group work with Nature Spirits.

Specialised Use: For group work, gather together in a circle making the essence a focus of intent. Then use a prayer or intent for your purpose and then each person take 2 to 3 drops under the tongue. This will allow the vibration to sweep through the group creating a balanced and focussed resonance which will help all to connect with the Nature Spirit realms.


Weather:Overcast and dry evening.

Time:6.00pm Friday 11th August, year 2000.

Detail:The energy pattern was taken from near to the centre of the circle.


£15 plus P & P