Unification - from Sentinel Essences

Keynote: Spiritual Evolution


The Holy Tree of Unity is an amazing Lime Tree which began life as two trees whose trunks have now grown together to form a single trunk. From this stout foundation, six further trunks rise upwards to the sky forming an amazing canopy. It is like a family structure, two parents coming together and producing children who then grow and ascend in their own glory, whilst still connected to the foundation of the family unit.


As you access this essence it takes you deep into the Earth. Touching into the other realms in a delicate but specific way. It opens the doors for you and grounds you into earth at the same time. Without a powerful grounding mechanism, one cannot channel or hold the higher Light. Without a powerful Earth Connection one cannot communicate with the nature spirit realms; one cannot manifest with Light.


The Essence of Unification, allows you to become one with the Earth, binding and bonding you to a safe and stout root. It allows you to open those deeper doors both within yourself and within the Earth in a grounded way.


As we are Spiritual Beings suspended between Heaven and Earth it is important that we have good connections to both of these extremes. We are part of a triune system of Mother (Earth), Father (Heaven) and Child (ourselves). We are the link between Heaven and Earth. This essence works towards developing a balanced link from above and below to unify the three elements within the heart of the individual. As the streams of Heaven and Earth bring unity within the individual, that individual then becomes more greatly connected within the heart of humanity as a whole. Heaven and Earth provide all the streams of Light and Energy which nurture, feed and uplift us on every inner level. This essence of Unification works towards bringing harmony to all levels through firstly connecting you with the Earth to bring the power to uplift and focus the other elements into their rightful roles. Unification is about bringing the disparate parts of the self into a whole unified field of perfection.




Unification - The Hidden Portal


Keynote:         Re-unification with all that is below.


Sentinel Essences contain a Hidden Portal. This is like saying the essence has two vibrations, and therefore works on two distinct levels. You can only pass through the Hidden Portal when your own vibration determines that you are ready.


An Inner Sacred Silence opens the Hidden Portal.


I received this energy signature on 5th June 2005, thinking that this was going to be The Emerald Heart Essence. However, no information was given and no matter how much I worked with it, the doors of perception remained closed; she was not ready to communicate. So I left it on the shelf until it was ready to speak to me. This was not until the early mornings of January 7th and 8th 2006. 


The Reading: Unification - A binding together of the Soul of Man and the Soul of the Earth. A return to wholeness. A coming together of the disparate parts of the consciousness which have become separate from the Earth over millennia. A reminder that we are one with the Earth and one with the Universe.


A coming home into Unity with the Earth and the Kingdoms of the Plants and the deeper worlds. Entering through the gateway of Brother Tree into the Realms of the Peacemakers of Earth. The powers of the God-Force within the Creation of all Nature; within the cauldron of  red hot magma which is the crucible from which the seeds of all creation eventually emerge.


The Essence opens the potential within you towards unification; towards entering more deeply into the oneness of all creation upon and within the Earth. Unification with the Realms of Earth. Unification with all that is below. Unification with the Mother.


God speaks through the Tree. God allows you to enter the Realms of Earth through communion with this Divine Tree. The tree is the symbol of connecting Heaven with Earth, God with Man. The roots of the tree go deep and the branches reach towards Heaven. Learn to sit with the trees and know that you can then communicate on many levels to find your answers.


This is not so much Unification, but Re-unification with all that we have lost or all that we have become afraid of, resulting from the teachings which instructed us that connection with the Realms of Earth and the Deities of the dark forest are against all principles of working for and with God or the consciousness which is Light.


This is Re-unification with the Divine Feminine, the Mother, the Earth, the Nature Spirit Kingdoms and the ancient Gods of Earth who have been demonised and hidden from our sight through the lies and deception of many generations.


Connect ye, now into Earth and observe yourself rising towards heaven.


Peace be with you.

David Ashworth

Location: The Holy Tree of Unity. A majestic Lime Tree in the grounds of the Dunadry Hotel, Dunadry, north of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Weather: A cold early morning.

Time: Between 6.33am and 7.13am, Sunday 5th June 2005.

Detail: The signature was received in a glass vial placed on the trunk of the tree.


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