Completion - from Sentinel Essences

Group: Spiritual Evolution

Keynote: Smooth and Effortless


After receiving this energy signature, it gestated for a full nine months before I was given the reading. Many other experiences needed to unfold and be shown to me in order for me to truly understand the nature of this essence.


The Essence of Completion unites your Inner Being with your Outer Self. It opens aspects of your consciousness on every level to bring you to a state of completion in the sense that all your aspects are as one and not disparate or fragmented. It brings the inner and outer levels of consciousness together to form a state of completion.


Once complete, you can achieve much more in terms of being able to attune yourself more completely into any work of your choosing. The energies will flow more easily and the light will be able to enter you with more clarity.


The light of consciousness within other realms will be able to see you more clearly, and thus, be able to open communication if it is so desired by that level of consciousness. For example, the nature spirit consciousness would see your heart light with greater illumination and therefore might 'choose' to communicate with you.


The keynote is Smooth and Effortless. This is how it becomes to touch other realities.



Completion - The Hidden Portal

Sentinel Essences contain a Hidden Portal. This is like saying the essence has two vibrations, and therefore works on two distinct levels. You can only pass through the Hidden Portal when your own vibration determines that you are ready.

An Inner Sacred Silence opens the Hidden Portal.

This essence is the result of the most amazing out of body conscious journey. Many levels of light were touched as I first journeyed to the core of the Earth and then up to and beyond the Angelic Realms. A journey which connected many levels of my own consciousness with the consciousness within many aspects of other realities.

It was a journey which touched many points of light between two extremes. At the first extreme, I stood in the core of the Earth where the white light of pure spirit, the consciousness of the Goddess herself resides. At the other extreme I was taken upwards beyond the golden light of the Angelic Realms and into a white light which was unlimited in its nature. A light which one could enter and then travel any distance, forever. I stood at the edge of time gazing into the possibilities of infinity. Existence without end.


Connects you to the Six Directions.

This Hidden Portal of Completion connects you to the Four Directions of the Horizontal Plane in the physical world and the Two Directions of the Vertical Plane of above and below. These are known as the Six Directions of Space


This Portal accesses the evolutionary place known as Journey's End or The Resting Period.


This has nothing to do with ending a journey or indeed resting, but it means that you are reaching a point in your evolution where you are about to transcend your present position and enter a new level. You will find that you do not need to work as hard to achieve the same things that you are used to achieving. It also means that you will begin to perceive things from a higher perspective, and therefore achieve things of greater potential than you can at present.


As this portal opens for you, you will begin to realise that you are becoming unlimited at what you can do or achieve. Your guidance and perception will increase and you will come to know your limitations through knowing how you create them.


When the portal opens for you, it means that you have served a great apprenticeship with energies and light and it is now time for you to be rewarded for your efforts. At this point, you learn that you do not have to struggle any longer. You now learn to go with the flow.


This essence will help open those doors which allow you to connect with any aspect of light that you need to in order to solve a problem. Any aspect of light within the whole of creation, from the core of the earth, to the starry heavens, and beyond.


Peace by with you.



Location: Waylands Smithy, burial chamber, Oxfordshire

Weather: A calm evening as the sun was lowering to the horizon.

Time: The signature was received between 8.04pm and 8.20pm on Sunday 15th May 2005.

Detail: The glass vial was placed in the crown chakra of the Burial Chamber,the furthest end from the entrance.


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