Inner Silence - from Wheel of Light Essences

Group: Spiritual Evolution

Keynote: Inner Peace through Inner Silence

Gwal-y-Filiast, meaning The Lair of the Greyhound, has physical and spiritual properties.

The Spiritual: Inner Silence is where you perceive the signs and hear the messages. Inner silence is where you hear God speak to you through your higher self and through guidance. When you can stand in the Inner silence, then you will hear; then you will receive.

Inner silence is about going to the deep places where guidance can come forth. Sometimes the guidance may be external and sometimes it may be internal, but unless you can see or perceive the message within the guidance, then you are not going to evolve easily into your unfolding path of light.

This essence will help you to go beyond the chatter of the outer world. When you begin to reach beyond this space, then you can appreciate just how much noise there is around you. Even in a silent forest where nothing moves or speaks, there is much noise. There is the noise of life, the electro-magnetic waves of everything which lives on the earth around us. Even the electro-magnetic noise of your own life!

The Physical: Let us view the physical as that which can be measured by instruments. As well as the electro-magnetic signatures of the living planet and all its living forms, there are also signals being generated everywhere around us in this modern age, and it is possible for these signals to scramble the receiver of your own inner being.

For example, micro-wave transmitters, radio and television transmitters all put out high frequency radiation which travels almost everywhere. Within homes, offices and shops there are electro-magnetic devices all around us too, especially the lighting above our heads and the wiring beneath our feet. Then there are the background radiations of infra-red, ultraviolet, x-rays and cosmic rays permeating everything. All these differing frequencies amount to 'outside noise'. Our aura is the only defence mechanism against this onslaught and sometimes our energy system finds it all just a little too much. The more attuned you become to your own self, the more sensitive you become, and then the more these signals might interfere with your own subtle vibrations.

Those with acute sensitivities or Light Workers and Healers can be more susceptible to disturbance from 'outside noise' than most other people, because of their sensitivities or their fine degree of tune. This does not mean that we need to shield ourselves from it all the time, in fact this is all but impossible, but it is important for us to understand that at certain times the interference might be more than we need. Occasionally we need to go within to find out the true answers to our lives and mission and it is at these times that this essence may be useful.

Listening for the Noise: Those with electro-magnetic sensitivities are very aware of what outside noise can do. But for those who are unsure, an example of how you might discover if outside noise is intruding into your being in an extreme way is to try and sit quietly for a moment. If you find that there is too much inner distraction or even irritability, then this could be outside noise penetration. Another good way of detecting this is if when you go to bed at night, you find that your pattern of falling asleep has changed or is disturbed, if you find that you are tossing and turning and can't rest, this is often another indication. Of course, there can be other reasons, such as Geopathic Stress, which is also caused by electro-magnetic waves of energy, but what you can do is just stop for a moment and ask the question, are you being interfered with at a high level by outside noise?

Disharmony: What you have to picture here is that your own being is a mass of electro-magnetic signals communicating at many levels within you. If something comes along and scrambles those messages then your inner harmony will be lost. Imagine this like a chord being played on a piano, but that all the individual notes are out of tune and thus don't vibrate in resonance, or resonate with each other in harmony. The sound would be disharmonious. Likewise, when your inner strings are knocked out of their natural vibration by outside electro-magnetic noise, your rhythm then goes out of tune. Result, inner disharmony and irritability, lack of perception and receptivity.

Natural Cleansing: Another phenomenon which might also affect you is near or just after the solstices and equinoxes, especially if we have a large perigree moon. When the moon is full and close to earth, it pulls on you in many ways to begin a natural detox and cleansing process. The period between the autumn equinox and the following full moon is a time when the veil between the different realities is thin. At this time you can be over influenced by outside noise interference. It was on the eve of such a full moon that this essence was received.

Protection: If you are sensitive on any level to high frequency electro-magnetic forces, whether natural or man-made, the essence of Inner Silence will help shield and protect you. It puts a screen up within your energy field to dilute, disempower and reflect unwanted signals whilst harmonising your natural vibrations through spiritual means. This allows you to process only your own life and issues. It allows you to stand in-tune with your own inner being in a way which brings clarity and certainty when trying to listen for guidance to determine your pathway.

At times of vulnerability or susceptibility, this essence can help take you to that place of Inner Certainty through the Inner Peace of Inner Silence.

Malcolm Cawley gives scale to Gwal-y-Filiast - The Lair of the Greyhound near Login in Carmarthenshire.

Malcolm Cawley gives scale to Gwal-y-Filiast - The Lair of the Greyhound near Login in Carmarthenshire.

Location: Gwal-y-Filiast Cromlech overlooks the Afon Taf (river Taf), just north of Login in Carmarthenshire, approximately 3km east of the A478 which runs between Narberth and Crymych. (OS Map 145, Grid Reference SN170256).

Weather: A warm early autumn day with splashes of sunlight through the woodland canopy.

Time: Between 2.35pm and 3.07pm, Sunday 16th October 2005.

Detail: The energy signature was received from on the top of the capstone of the Cromlech.


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