Celebration - from Wheel of Light Essences

Group: Spiritual Evolution

Keynote: Illumination through cleansing, healing and balancing

The Braaid is one of the most powerful and functional places I have ever experienced, coupled with an energetic clarity and precision which is a joy to have witnessed and understood. This place was as sharp as a razor and oh, so powerful and pure. If you visit here, do it in good weather and take time to celebrate with the Goddess. Bring a picnic, stay a while and give thanks. She will unburden you and send you home with answers. She will bathe you in a pure and cleansing light. Sleep upon the grass and be nurtured through your dreams. Allow her to penetrate your deepest centres so that the good news can emerge through your dreams or even waking states as the future unfolds within you. She is the fount of all knowledge and her door is open to all comers. Free entry into the worlds of creative thought. Uplifting, focussed and balanced.

The Essence
Allow those high frequencies to pass through you and strip away the stresses of your physical world. Lay in the arms of your Mother, the Earth, and allow her to nurture you, sending you back out into the world rejuvenated and restored to continue your learning experiences. Continue learning to understand that that is exactly what we are here to do; to learn to understand that there are so many things which stretch the credibility of our understanding, that we can never be completely fulfilled; we should never really be bored; for there is always something else that creation wishes to show us.

Go now with the essence of celebration and know that it opens the inner doors of perception to help you to achieve more through knowing more. The Goddess is within the light of this essence and she brings you into the knowledge of whatever you are ready to receive. She prepares you in purity and balance and she celebrates your life, so that you too can learn to celebrate your life within the light of her knowing instruction.

Celebration is a state of being. When you enter into this light you enter into the understanding that we should be celebrating our being at every moment of every day. In reality we cannot do this for we are caught up in the trials and tribulations of the world of illusory mirrors which are presented to divert our attentions towards the pretence that we know and understand who and what we are.

But, when you enter into this essence, it has the power to take you out of the illusory reality and into one of calm inner reflection, allowing you to stand in the balance of the masculine and feminine energies of the Goddess at Braaid as she guides you into celebrating whatever aspect of your journey you are presently realising.

At the same time, she whispers your name in golden light, trimmed with the silver and purple of cosmic fire so that God can see that you are celebrating what you have found and that you stand, even momentarily, in the knowledge, illumination and balance of a higher light as you try to express to yourself, your inner growing wisdom and understanding of whatever it is you are finding yourself opening the door upon.

It takes a bright intelligence to help you see a tricky picture and this clever essence tries to teach you to see what you are experiencing whilst knowing that it can be difficult to see the message whilst living the experience. It is often only later, as a little time passes and the lessons have had time to ferment within and percolate up through your consciousness, that the light comes on and you can begin to understand what you are ready to see about your own inner journey. So, it tries to bring you into the moment, showing you what you are learning, while you are leaning it. A sort of foreshortening of time and an acceleration of your perfection.

Confused? Yes; well, we often are, but when that deep illumination touches you, then you will experience the clarity, and once you have this, then the lesson is learned and the celebration begins. The Mother and the Father celebrate for you, for they always know when you have learned or become enlightened upon any facet of reality. Another one of your inner jewels becomes radiant, sending out its signal to home.

You are always in a state of processing the next lessons. So try and stop for a moment now and then and celebrate what you know and who you are at this moment in time, for we are only ever in this moment in time once.

Steve Buckley examines the perfect Anchor Stone for the amazing energies at the Braaid.

Steve Buckley examines the perfect Anchor Stone for the amazing energies at the Braaid.

Location: This energy signature was received through a connection with the sacred site of The Braaid, located on the A24 about a half mile east of the village of Braaid, Isle of Man.

Weather: Blustery with sunshine and showers.

Time: The energy signature was received between 11.05am and 11.15am, Wednesday 3rd August 2005.

Detail: The glass vial was placed in the centre of the circle.


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