Compassion - from Wheel of Light Essences

Group: Spiritual Evolution

Keynote: Understanding

Let the light of compassion shine within the hearts of mankind.
Allow the light to arrive within your soul.
Allow the light to awaken your inner love.
Allow the light to radiate from you into the hearts of others.
Allow compassion to flow.

As compassion awakens within you it brings a light of understanding which nurtures your inner being at a level which then allows you to go forth into the world and see it with different eyes. These new eyes allow you to feel the needs in others. As you learn to feel the needs in others it gives you a new perception of the pain which holds people prisoner within their own lives. As a result of this inner knowledge it becomes easier to help and guide those around you into a higher form of existence by teaching them how to release themselves of their pain and the shackles which manacle them to their present interpretation of their existence.

Whether we know it or not, and many do not until they begin seeking, we are all here to learn how to attain freedom. Learning to be compassionate to oneself is the first step in learning how to be compassionate to others. As one enters into the light of compassion, one begins to taste the elements of freedom. One begins to see and feel from within the pleasant vibration of the light of compassion.

Your compassion holds others in that same light. Projecting it outwards towards them to help to illuminate their path. You cannot light that lamp within them, but you can shine your own light upon them in the hope that they see it and open their own door in order to receive the same light from the giver of light, the Lord Creator of all.

Standing in the light of compassion allows you to stand in freedom, unattached to those whom you are trying to help through your service within the light.

The essence of Compassion teaches you that you cannot help all those who would seek your help, for they may have many reasons for doing so. It teaches you that some would stand in your light in confusion and disdain. It teaches you that you can stand back allow them to be themselves without feeling the need to offer assistance. It teaches you to understand when someone is not ready for your teaching.

The light of compassion brings clarity to all situations. It allows you to open your heart and be there for others without feeling that you have to do anything at all. It teaches you to walk away when your efforts would be useless. It teaches you to maximise your effectiveness with your light.

Compassion is many things. At its zenith it brings love, truth and empowerment to others and it brings vision and knowledge to yourself as it freely flows through the lives of those whom you touch.

When working with the Essence of Compassion, it will illuminate your own path and your own lessons as well as helping you to learn how to see the lessons of others. It will bring illumination so that you discern those whom you can help and those who are not yet ready to stand in your light.


Steve Buckley evokes William Stukeley with his cane at Mull Circle on Meayll Hill.

Steve Buckley evokes William Stukeley with his cane at Mull Circle on Meayll Hill.

Location: Mull Circle on Meayll Hill, just south of Port Erin, Isle of Man.

Weather: Beautiful sunny day with strong winds.

Time: Energy Signature was received between 11.50am and 12.20pm on Tuesday 2nd August 2005.

Detail: The essence was received from the centre of the circle.


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