Completion - from Wheel of Light Essences

Group: Spiritual Evolution.

Keynote: Smooth and Effortless

After receiving this energy signature, it gestated for a full nine months before I was given the reading. Many other experiences needed to unfold and be shown to me in order for me to truly understand the nature of this essence.

The Essence of Completion unites your Inner Being with your outer Self. It opens aspects of your consciousness on every level to bring you to a state of completion in the sense that all your aspects are as one and not disparate or fragmented. It brings the inner and outer levels of consciousness together to form a state of completion.

It also brings you into a place of preparation, opening your energies and pointing them at certain aspects of the Earth and the Universe in a way which begins to develop you to receive higher light, ultimately leading to perfecting your insight.

Once you become complete in an energetic sense, without overstating what completion is and not suggesting that you were incomplete to begin with, you can achieve much more in terms of being able to attune yourself more completely to any work of your choosing. The energies will flow more easily and the light will be able to enter you with more clarity.

The light of consciousness within other realms will be able to see you more clearly, and thus, be able to open communication if it is so desired by that level of consciousness.

The keynote is Smooth and Effortless. This is how it becomes to touch other realities.

Nick Ashworth giving scale to the impressive entrance of Wayland's Smithy. 15th May 2005.

Nick Ashworth giving scale to the impressive entrance of Wayland's Smithy. 15th May 2005.

Location: Wayland's Smithy. A neolithic burial chamber, Oxfordshire.

Weather: A calm evening as the sun was lowering to the horizon.

Time: The signature received between 8.04pm and 8.20pm, Sunday 15th May 2005.

Detail: The glass vial was placed in the crown chakra of the Burial Chamber,the furthest end from the entrance.


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