Wisdom - from Wheel of Light Essences

Group: Spiritual Evolution.

Keynote: Wisdom without Folly

At Stanton Drew, an invisible Shakespearian-like plot unfolds in the landscape. There is the King and his Courtiers, the Lady in White, the Jesters and the Wise Council.

Stanton Drew is a complex of other realities masquerading as a group of old stones around a village in rural England. There is the Great Circle and immediately next to it, the North-east Circle of huge, iron infused monoliths. There is the Cove to the west of the village and finally there is the fallen South-west Circle, hiding in a field of its own, but raised higher than all the rest.

The King is that quiet fallen south-west circle. The stones of the Great Circle are his Courtiers. The Wise Council is The Cove and The White Lady is the Earth Mother upon whose stage the triumphant pageant unfolds. Finally, the huge monoliths of the north-east circle present themselves as the Jesters.

The story which unfolded that sunny afternoon was far from straight forward, for we had to search for the truth beneath the visions of illusion. I can't tell that full tale here, but it is enough to know that the place of true power is often not where it seems to be, and that Mastership lies in the wisdom of balance and quietude.

The South-west Circle at Stanton Drew
The least impressive circle of the monumental Stanton Drew complex lies slightly raised above the local landscape. As we arrive here after a considerable search through all corners of the village, we help guide-in two young people who are also seeking this place. They immediately engage us in conversation, saying "you look like you know what you are doing". After some twenty minutes or so, they turn and leave. I hope one day they read this information and take great pride in themselves, for on that afternoon they were the unwitting messengers of God, who brought us this essence of Wisdom.

Walking the Circle: As the young couple leave, I take a few steps towards the stones and I feel I am being pulled-in to the consciousness of the place. Then it dawns on me that they left the circle without even looking at a single stone. It became clear they had been sent to slow me down, so that I could enter the right level of consciousness to see the message and receive the gifts which awaited us.

The Circle Speaks

"You stand with the Lord and Master of all which is surveyed. As God stands in the Heavens and surveys his many creations, you stand with me now as I survey my own lands and dreams. I am the overseer of this place of ceremony; this place of coming and going; this place of coming together in common purpose. These are my Dominions. I am the King."

"You looked without your wisdom for the place where you would receive the gifts of Heaven. We had to slow you down so that you could begin to 'see'. As you look back across the lands into the north-east, you see that that is the place of all activity and a huge energy. Those people below this high place, in amongst the powerful stones, play in the late afternoon sun."

Children run, climb and laugh, adults eat, drink and talk, as we look down from this lofty position, isolated from that distant reality. We are stripped naked to our souls so that we can 'see'; so that I can bring back the secrets to share with all who are ready.

"Stand with me", says the King. "Watch the world in its innocence", he continues. My consciousness begins to surge downwards and I feel the solar plexus begin to open. The chakra of deeper knowledge. Then the sacral chakra opens and we enter into true creation. Two processes are opening up. This is the harnessing of knowledge and creation, the harnessing of true mystical power. The initiation and beginning of all processes. The creation cycle.

The King stands aside and I am shown visual images of how the power was conducted from this high alter circle, as it looks down onto the Great Circle below. The Great circle is where the White Lady, the Earth Mother awakened and rose up in her glory and interacted with mankind in ceremony.

The Cove, a group of large limestone monoliths a short distance to the west, begin to speak and draw me into their secrets. "We are the place of repose" is spoken to me in the feminine, and then She continues. "We are a place of silent thought, of composure and consideration. We are the outlying place of balance, removed just far enough so as not to interfere with the thoughts of the King, or the daily ritual in the Great Circle below, but close enough to monitor and keep the power in balance. We are the harmoniser to the King, We are the balancer to the Great Circle and We are the Overseers of the excess energies which spill over from the Great Circle into the north-east Circle. The north-east circle is the spill-over for the energies of the whole group. This is where any 'over-energy' would be channelled and then returned to the Earth Mother after ceremony had been completed. The north-east circle is the jester, dancing in the madness of too much energy, but also the nursemaid, cleaning up and making sure that everything is energetically neat and tidy at the end of the cycle of the day; at the end of the cycle of the season and at the end of the cycle of the year.

The King watches all processes unfold, allowing all to play their part and express their individuality, bringing balance and guidance as necessary. The Cove is the anchor, the leveller, the spiritual advisor to the King. The being who meekly makes suggestions to the King. "That is enough my Lord". "Keep your decisions in balance. Wield your power wisely". The Cove provides the feminine to balance the masculine of the King. She allows the King's true wisdom to be seen and felt through her gentler and hidden interventions of keeping him in balance, allowing him to see the subtleties that his power sometimes obscures. The King truly is Master of all he surveys, but Mastership without wisdom is folly.

The Essence: Within this essence we are given the power of the Stanton Drew complex. We are given the vision and power of the King, we are given the White Lady who lays out her table cloth of Earth for us to play upon, we are given the Jesters of the north-east who harness the chaos and tidy up the energy after us and we are given the Wise Council of the Cove to whisper softly when we need to be open enough to see another part of the picture.

This essence slows you down and brings guidance to allow balance to occur in all decision making processes. It allows you to be open to suggestion from others. It allows you to see your own power reflected back to you in a way which helps you to see any imbalances present. It brings the ability to understand the necessary need of having something or someone who anchors your power, someone who reflects back your image in a different light so that you can consider other options, helping you to make valid judgements in the way you manifest your creativity.

This essence brings Mastership without Folly. It stands you in a place of Wisdom.

After-word:We initially struggled to find this circle, but when we did, we were slowed down by the young couple who wanted to know something of magic. Divine intervention wanted us to find the truth, as indeed we are true seekers. An outside force intervened so that wisdom could manifest in an English summer evening.

Just like all the picnickers who had congregated in the north-east circle, drawn by the power it was processing, we had been mislead by the illusion of the place. That is where I initially thought we would take the energy signature. Even as I stood in this circle of wisdom, just before the young couple arrived, I looked north east and spoke of the energy there. It is a powerful place. In reality, nobody could see the wisdom because it was hidden by the distraction of those Jesters. The wisdom was partly hidden physically by its lofty position and fallen stones, and partly because the consciousness was only going to show itself to those who were worthy. Those who were seeking the gifts of the Mother and the Father so that they could share them with the world.

Wisdom came calling. It opened the door and spread its light all around, and nobody on that sunny afternoon was ready to see, except we poor pilgrims of light and truth.

Summary: With this essence you will learn to go deeper; learn to be quieter; learn to stand in wisdom as it works its magic around you and in your favour. You will stand in a place of power, but begin to understand that is all you do, you merely stand in it. You don't use it; wield it or become it. The power is sent towards you and you learn to listen and guide its flow, as you are instructed in how to make your moves subtly, without notice, to bring forth change to the people of Earth.

Peace be with you.

Dave sitting on the stone which has just given us the energy signature for Wisdom. The stone is positioned to the west of the fallen South West Circle of the Stanton Drew Complex.

Dave sitting on the stone which has just given us the energy signature for Wisdom. The stone is positioned to the west of the fallen South West Circle of the Stanton Drew Complex.

Location: Stanton Drew is a complex of three stone circles and a cove spread throughout the village of Stanton Drew, which is located just off the B3130, south of Bristol.

Weather: Beautiful English summer day.

Time: Energy Signature received between 5.22pm and 6.40pm, on Sunday 15th May 2005.

Detail: The Energy Signature was located from a fallen stone to the west of the south west circle.


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