Circle of Life - from Wheel of Light Essences

Group: Healing

Keynote: Doorway to the Soul.

This essence is about death and rebirth. Friends and loved ones waving farewell to those who are departing onto the journey into the future. Into the others worlds.

This is about ancestral connections. It is about connecting into all that old knowledge of our forefathers. It is about connecting into the old knowledge that we ourselves held and knew in past times. It is about standing in the present and connecting into our past and our future. It is connecting into the circle of life, so that you can see yourself coming back before you have even left. It is about becoming and connecting with the eternal essence of yourself and your soul.

Expansion: This essence speeds you up, allowing you to become more than you are. Allowing you to let go and go with the flow. Allowing you to 'be the flow'. Allowing you to adapt and change every aspect of your thoughts and emotions. It expands you into greater knowledge through allowing you to absorb more.

As one learns to be more open, one can grow into a vessel which can hold more. However, absorbing more and holding more are incompatible though. One finds as one begins to hold more, a limit of expansion is eventually reached.

Becoming a Vessel of Flexibility: The next stage is to move higher. One suddenly realises that one doesn't need to hold more, one needs to be able to access more without holding it. So we become a vessel of flexibility. A vessel which can connect into whatever it needs to know. A vessel which can flow like the winds of time. A vessel which can allow the winds of time to blow through it and layer whatever is needed at any one time into the vessel, until the vessel chooses to release the knowledge into the ether once again. With this essence we learn that we don't need to hold anything.

With this essence we become open to receive. Open to see the past and the future without attachment. Open to be a vessel of changing evolution, anchored to the earth only so that you can connect with the nurturing support of the Earth Mother, but not rooted so rigidly that you cannot drift higher and receive the Guiding Principles of the Heavenly Father.

Becoming the Eternal Essence: One becomes a doorway through which anything can pass, and one becomes that essence that can pass through any doorway. One becomes the eternal essence connecting into itself as and where it needs to. As one learns to pass through the doorways one enters the circle.

Entering the Circle of Eternal Life: As the old friends look across the valley from Glenroan Tomb, watching the souls of the dearly departed drifting away into the ether, already they can feel them coming back around into new life.

They have learned to see through the doorways into other worlds.

They have learned to connect through the doorway to the soul.

They have entered the Circle of Eternal Life.

They see it and know it. They are a part of it.

Glenroan Dolmen in the foreground and the doorway into the Circle of Life through the gap in the mountains and sky.

Glenroan Dolmen in the foreground and the doorway into the Circle of Life through the gap in the mountains and sky.

Location: Glenroan Portal Tomb. Heading west along the B47 in the Sperrin Mountains of Northern Ireland. Shortly before Plumbridge. Marked with a brown tourist sign, turn right up a lane and it is on your left in a hedge.

Weather: Cold and wet.

Time: Essence received between 4.15pm and 4.25pm on 4th June 2005.

Detail: The essence was received from upon the capstone.


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