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Group: Spiritual Evolution.

Keynote: Dreaming Reality

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Eternity is a long time, as time is measured in Earth terms. But in truth, eternity isn't time. Eternity just is.

Being a part of something which 'just is', forever, is a difficult concept to attend to given the limitations of one's mind and consciousness as harnessed within the confines of an Earth-life. However, we need to understand certain aspects of the nature of eternity for our lives and work to unfold into their maximum potential. We need to expand the limits of our mind and become as unlimited by fear as we can.

Waking and Sleeping: Life in human form consists of periods of wakefulness and sleep. We might say that these are different states of consciousness and different states of reality. In the wakeful state we at least 'think' we are conscious as we rush around and live our lives in the wakeful world. When we are asleep, we often do not have any meaningful recollection of the time we have spent in this state.

Eternity is similar. In an eternal state we have time when we are awake and also a time which might be described as sleeping. In our eternal state we can say that we have awareness of everything, for we are larger than the life here on Earth and we are connected with all things, whether we choose to observe them or not. However, when a certain aspect of our eternal-selves chooses to take a journey into another state, like enjoying a period in human form, then that part of us is no longer accessible to the whole.

Parallels: So, what we are saying here is that as a complete entity, such as a high Being like God, or an aspect of God, one is aware of all things, but when one part, a small aspect of the eternal, decides to leave that eternal state of all knowing awareness and journey to Earth, for the eternal-self it is then as if that part is sleeping. It has lost consciousness from the eternal awareness; it is no longer accessible in a way which is still part of the greater eternal awareness. It is as if the Eternal Being is sleeping. Therefore, the Eternal Life is similar to a Human Life. One might say that there are parallels.

Work and Rest: What we wish to do here is give you a picture of your life which parallels that of the eternal life. A mirror which shows you how important it is to both work and rest. When an aspect of the Eternal Being journeys into human form, then this aspect is resting from the all-knowing awareness of eternal life in the eternal realm. We could say that the eternal life is sleeping and dreaming in Earth.

Therefore, as humans, we sleep for a number of reasons, primarily to regenerate our functioning systems, but also, so that we can enter a state of consciousness where it is possible to dream. During wakefulness we are planning and working and during sleep we are resting and dreaming.

In the eternal state we are also planning and working, but when we take an incarnation into an Earth life we are then resting and dreaming. During all dream states we are learning and receiving teachings and higher information. In an Earth-life we are learning about emotions and being separate from the whole. Those of you are more advanced are learning how to become whole whilst in a state of separation, and there are many other things to learn too.

Dreaming Reality: What this essence brings to you is the ability to dream reality. For in reality, dreams in human form are the workings of consciousness which are often unravelling important aspects of one's life, bringing guidance and teaching. Also, when we dream as a human, we are very close to the eternal life. As many of us understand, our human life is about learning lessons so that we can evolve, so when we return to the eternal, it is just the same as waking up after sleeping and dreaming in a human life. We reflect on what we learned from the dream on Earth.

A human dream is an unrestricted visual and sensory journey. Likewise, when the eternal self chooses to take a sleep or dream into human life, it is expected that the whole of the human life should be an unrestricted journey. This means we should make every effort throughout our lives to be unrestricted in what we learn and do.

Just as humans don't worry too much about what they are going to dream when they go to sleep, so the eternal life does not worry about what happens when it visits Earth. A human life is just a temporary change of state from the eternal. What is important to understand is that, all life is eternal and all life is reality, whether it be in the dream state or the waking state.

Bringing You Closer to the Eternal:What we mean when we say this essence helps you to 'dream reality,' is that it helps you to see the reality within any dream state by bringing you closer to the eternal life. Whether this be a day-dream, a night dream or a whole-life-dream, or when the eternal life suggests you take a nap by taking a journey into human life. When we say 'helps you to see the reality' in a whole life dream, we mean it helps you to find the path which your human life wishes to take, as determined by the guidance of your eternal life, which is always trying to bring you information in one way or another, but particularly through your dreams. By finding the right path, you are finding the lessons which your eternal-self wants you to learn.

Opening your Vision of Eternity: This essence begins to break down the barriers which we construct which tell us that one state is dream and the other is reality. As the barriers dissolve, you will become closer to your guidance and closer to the eternal. This then brings you closer to realising that all states are reality, it is just that the reality comes in different forms as we occupy different states of consciousness.

As you become more open and connected with your eternal aspects, then you begin to connect more with reality on all levels. The more you then understand that you 'dream reality', the more you will find your true path. So, enter the dream.

Beryl, (my Mum), standing next to the huge capstone of Tinkinswood Dolmen.

Beryl, (my Mum), standing next to the huge capstone of Tinkinswood Dolmen.

Location: Tinkinswood Dolmen. Just south of the A48 a few miles west of Cardiff. Marked on most road atlases, this site is easy to find and marked with brown tourist signs.

Weather: Overcast but bright and still, yet quite cold.

Time: Essence taken between 11.30 and 11.45am on 25th April 2005.

Detail: The glass vial was placed close to the highest point of the front of the magnificent capstone.


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