Discernment - from Wheel of Light Essences

Group: Spiritual Evolution.

Keynote: Guidance and Vision.

The Guides Speak:

"Spend time to reflect on the amalgamation of unions.

This means that to look back in time there have been many truths which have come and gone and many illusions posing as truth within the ancient teachings. This is often the case where original teachings have been translated, sometimes many times.

One finds that within powerful teachings there are always powerful men and sometimes they are serving their own agendas. These agendas are always based on control and greed. However, this does not mean that the great religions do not have many things to offer. They are openers of doors in their own way but one must always be aware that one isn't lead astray from the search for truth by false guidance.

The Balblair Stone which lies in the woods north of the circle of stones at Midmar Kirk acts as a Beacon of Discernment, helping one to sort the wheat from the chaff. When using this essence it will help you to see the truth from the fog surrounding it. As you find the truth, it will open your true path into evolution and self-empowerment."

Amalgamation of Unions:
When you have a group of people who believe the same thing we might call this a union. It is a joining of souls in like-minded direction and wisdom creating a powerful force. When we have an amalgamation of unions, this is when one or more unions try to manipulate, affect or absorb another union by telling them they are on the wrong path or have the message wrong. Just as Christianity tried, and succeeded in part, to absorb Paganism as the followers brought the new message of their own Prophet and Teacher, Jesus. However, as we have said, many of the true teachings of this Master were lost, manipulated, corrupted or distorted either by accident or in order to deliberately deceive, in order to control by restricting personal power.

When we examine the true teachings, in reality what we find is that both of these original unions of Paganism and early Christianity each possess parts of the truth. When used together they unlock enormous potential for the spiritual aspirant. In fact, when one gets close to the true teachings of Jesus, you will see that he actually taught aspects of what we call Paganism. He taught that you cannot be at one without a connection to the Mother Earth as well as the Father Heaven.

Ancient and Modern: At Midmar Kirk we have a Pagan Earth Moon Temple sharing the same space with a later Christian Church, c1797. The Goddess structure stood here over 4,500 years before the Christian Church arrived to share the holy ground. Midmar is a symbol of coming together, of sharing knowledge and in that we share and unlock personal power. We need both of these different schools of teaching in our search for perfection and completion. We need the knowledge of Heaven, Earth, the Moon and everything in-between.

Original teachings have great power. They have light in their words and the reading of them will illuminate your inner being. From time to time great teachers come into the world who can see into the secrets of the old teachings. Subsequently, they then present them to us through their own illuminated lives, helping to meet the changing consciousness as the universe unfolds under the evolutionary plan of the Creator, thus helping us to see the light in a modern context which will help unlock our perfection.

Many of today's teachers have their own message and their own way of delivering it. Many are now getting closer to the truth than ever before. The Universe is accelerating as we move out of the age of Pisces - the age of belief systems and into the age of Aquarius - the age of knowledge. Time is moving faster and many of the old teachings are rising up from their resting places in caves and in the Earth to re-present themselves to a humanity which is rapidly becoming in need of them. Without understanding the power of teachings to unlock our potential, then we will thrash around and struggle indefinitely, whether they be old teachings or new teachings. However, at the end of the day, there is only one truth and each pathway of teaching will eventually lead us to that truth.

When in difficulty or doubt of any kind; when a decision needs to be made; when Guidance needs to be sought, then the Essence of Discernment will help you to see the pathway to the teachers who can help you and the teachings which will shine their light within you. When that light shines, and you become illuminated by its glow, then you will know the truth. Then you will have 'The Knowing'.

Nick Ashworth next to the 20 ton recumbent stone at Midmar Kirk. The matching flanking uprights, like two giant sharks teeth form one of the most perfect combinations in this type of Moon Temple.

Nick Ashworth next to the 20 ton recumbent stone at Midmar Kirk. The matching flanking uprights, like two giant sharks teeth form one of the most perfect combinations in this type of Moon Temple.

Location: Midmar Kirk. The circle is located at the back of Midmar Church or Kirk, just over 3 miles west of Echt on the B9119, Grampian, Scotland. Also, just over a mile from the beautiful Sunhoney circle.

Weather: Cold and sunny

Time: Essence received at 4.15pm on 16th April 2005.

Detail: The essence was received from the outlier stone known as the Balblair Stone which is about 100 yards north of the circle in the woods. The glass vial was placed within a pocket of lichen on the stone, about 5 feet from the ground on the side furthest away from the Kirk.


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