Happiness - from Wheel of Light Essences

Group: Healing

Keynote: Happiness, Completion.

This essence is light and delicate in contrast to some of the more complex and deeper seeking essences of the Wheel of Light repertoire, which is a pleasant balancer, opening doors into different aspects of our work. Yet, as with all aspects within the consciousness of modern essences there is an underlying complexity which will show itself when needed.

The Guides Speak
When you have been working upon yourself or passing through a difficult time, either mentally, emotionally or spiritually then this essence helps raise you up into a balanced state, pulling together all the disparate aspects of the consciousness which may have been wrenched and torn, leaving them jagged and dishevelled as one passes through transformation.

When we have been through heavy, miserable and cold weather and then the sun comes out, the energy of its light is both warm and uplifting and it is a wonderful experience to stand and bathe in that calming, sensual luxuriance. This essence allows you to stand in that sun-like energy and reap the benefits of its nurturing source.

Sometimes we are in a space where we are tired and just need a rest, whether this be from the normal everyday world or from the work of the spiritual warrior. At times we may find that we carry a great load and sometimes we don't realise how great this load is until we are released from it. This essence helps release you from that process, pulling you out of the deeper, heavier energies and bringing you into pure and simple light.

Spiritual Completion: When we are comforted, nurtured and warm within our emotional selves, then happiness is a natural consequence of this state. Following this comes satisfaction and a sense of completeness or even completion. This essence finishes things off, brings things to completion; whether they be things of the physical world such as decorating and gardening, or of the subtle world, such as a spiritual journey. This is like a close of the day nightcap which warms one inside and brings a sense of satisfaction to a job well done.

Steps which Walk Themselves: If you are using this essence after spiritual work, take it when you feel that things are coming to a solution or a close and you will find that the last steps of the journey walk themselves. The Devas and Guides, which oversee the light within this essence will bring guidance to you which instructs and teaches the consciousness how to complete the journey without struggle. You may find that this teaching is done within at a subtle level, or you may find that it instructs you in the way it brings you guidance through dreams or outer experiences, such as other people who inadvertently give you the answer you are seeking. If guidance is necessary it will come, if not then the work will be completed without your intervention. All you need to do is take the essence and accept with gratitude.

Allow the essence of happiness to whisper to you... now rest.

Nick Ashworth and Dave Higgott at the Whispering Stones.

Nick Ashworth and Dave Higgott at the Whispering Stones.

Location: The Whispering Stones
This tiny group of stones which is marked on the Ordnance Survey map as a stone circle, is located in woodland behind the cemetery in Aboyne, Grampian. To the west of the town centre, walk down the cemetery road. Pass the cemetery itself on your left and continue down the track with the woodland on your left. When you reach the end of the woodland, take a few steps back and turn right into the wood, keeping to this far edge of the wood. The stones are about a hundred yards ahead.

Weather: Overcast cold day with sun breaking through later.

Time: Essence received between 2.15 and 2.25pm on 16th April 2005.

Detail: The glass vial was placed on the ground at the centre of the circle.


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