Truth - from Wheel of Light Essences

Group: Spiritual Evolution.

Keynote: Tower of Strength.

The Great Pyramid of Cheops is a testament to truth. It is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. In fact, the only one remaining, and if it's story had come down to us in myth and legend we would only be able to imagine what it might have been like. However, the Pyramid presents itself in all its glory as a testament to the truth that it was indeed built and did exist in ancient times. Such is its strength that it remains here for us to see and glory at today.

False Reflections
When walking the spiritual path one can only make actual progress when dealing with truth. Anything less than truth will take you nowhere. For many, the path is filled with illusion and half truths, imaginings and false starts; and worst of all self-delusion. For although the spiritual aspirant may try very hard, they are often mislead by mirrors giving false reflections of their truth. In other words, the spiritual adept is often in receipt of a false perception of where they are on their path, the issues, which need to be dealt with, or how far they have actually travelled. In short, they become stuck.

The Essence of Truth breaks down the illusions and allows you to stand in the space you occupy with clarity. The clarity is needed so that you can see clearly what is you, as distinct from what is your ego and what are your projections, which you see reflected back to you through both your ego and the lives of others.

In order to stand in this space and see things as they are takes great determination and great courage. When we see our real-self as opposed to our ego-self the stark reality is always something less than we had hoped for.

Tower of Strength
As well as peeling back the illusion to reveal the raw aspects of your inner self, the truth of who you really are, this essence brings the strength to support you through this courageous stand. The Pyramid is a Tower of Strength which has stood the test of time and the ravages of sun and wind and the abrasions of desert storms. Even earthquakes have failed to raze it to the ground. It stands as a Tower of Strength to many Truths.

The Spirit of the Pyramid as a Being in its own right, which is composed of the collective consciousness of so many who worked with their own physical strength to construct it, block by block, now speaks to us to help us understand its purpose.

The Spirit of the Pyramid Speaks:
"Look at my vastness and solidity. Look at how my roots go down into the earth and anchor me into the present reality of the modern age. I have grown in stature as the years have fallen away beneath my gaze. I have also grown in strength. Even if I was to be removed this very day, the strength which emanates from the Earth in the place where I stood would last forever. This strength has allowed me to stand here for millennia. This is the strength which I give to you in this essence."

"This is the strength you will need to support you and enable you to look deeply into your own truth. Each time you look, you will see your own illusion and you will want to believe what you see, for it will be too painful to accept that what you see is not the truth. With perseverance as you push inwards, you will recoil, sometimes in disbelief and sometimes in disgust at yourself. The essence will give you the strength to look again until you can bear to look at what needs to be seen and what needs to change. A little at a time, you will be able to work through the lies and deceit of illusion and reveal and grow into the truth."

"A spiritual journey into illusion can bring you many superficial rewards, but these will ultimately crumble into dust at your feet. A spiritual journey into truth is often painful in its revelation and will often bring you into aspects of life where many fear to tread. However, the rewards are that ultimately you will grow into a Tower of Strength, which will stand for all to see as you approach and succeed in the tasks the universe is setting for you in the acceleration which is now apace and engulfing us all with it pushing and probing energies."

"It is only through realising the truth and then learning to accept the truth that you will be released from your inner captivity. The captivity of the illusory self."

Reaching Out
Sometimes we reach a point in our evolution where the truth of the issues, which need to be raised and seen are too deep for us to see, or too painful to admit to. It becomes impossible to successfully deal with the next level of truth within you which needs to be revealed. At these times you have to reach out to others to help you.

When the time approaches when you have to reach out, it is often accompanied by signs and signals which present a situation where your life becomes stuck or which can be difficult or even fearful to deal with, such as when psychic attack is prevalent. This essence will help bring the clarity to make you realise when you need to reach out for external help.

If you think about life and evolution for a moment, is it not a little arrogant to believe that you can solve everything yourself? Is it not a little arrogant to believe that you have enough knowledge or have developed the necessary finely tuned talents to bring you through the whole journey? What is the point of all the healers and therapists opening themselves into their own gifts and talents if nobody wants to call upon them? The answer to these questions is that we cannot walk the path alone. It is impossible. It is not part of God’s plan that we should do so. However, it is very definitely part of the plan that we learn and grow by working with others.

The Essence of Truth came to us at a time when I was going through one of my own personal transformations which was indeed very traumatic; where I had to dig deeper than ever before and ask questions of a nature I had never needed to ask previously. The deepest aspects of my deepest self were being ripped open and exposed to a point where I had to work through every facet of my personality to affirm the truth of who I was. It was at this critical time that I realised that I had to reach out to others to help find the answers. The skills and abilities of those other light workers exposed and dealt successfully with something I couldn’t see. This was the turning point of completing this particular transformation although there were still many months of inner pain, trauma and learning to come.

I have written about this transformational journey, entitled The City of the Pyramids, a term from the Kabbalah, which will be published at an appropriate time to help others understand the signs which are sent to help us.

Denise at the Pyramids. March 2005.

Denise at the Pyramids. March 2005.

Location: The Great Pyramid of Cheops, The Giza Plateau, Cairo, Egypt.

Weather: Windy and warm with a clear, cloudless sky.

Time: 10.15am, Sunday 6th March 2005.

Detail: This essence was accessed about 20 feet to the right of the entrance to the Pyramid on the third level of stones from the ground.


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