Boscawen-un No.2 -The Needle Stone - from Devic Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:New Connections

Spiritual Reception: Transmission of a reddish, amber light. This is a tremendously powerful energy for spiritual attainment. It quite literally vibrates the whole physical body as it activates one’s being. In energy terms, it first separates the head from the body, bathing the head in a white light which cleanses and tunes one for spiritual reception. The warm, reddish amber light is then drawn into your being at a very definite amber coloured energy centre or nadi, positioned above the brow and into the hair line about half way between the brow and crown chakras.

New Connections: This amber nadi is not normally active in most people at this time period in human evolution, however, if the person has evolved to a suitable spiritual and energetic level, this essence will open the nadi and link it permanently into the chakra system.

This energy centre is linked to the throat, solar plexus and sacral chakras and brings additional frequencies into the existing chakra system. The sacral link goes to the core of the chakra, which activates new levels of creativity within the mind. The link to the throat chakra is also direct into the core and this works to develop new levels of psychic vision. The link into the front of the solar plexus chakra is essentially the wiring into the mains which supplies power to the whole energy structure.This brings about a vibrational tuning within the DNA which results in resonance changes at a molecular level throughout the whole being. In effect bringing the DNA and molecular structure into greater harmony by completing other circuits on a spiritual level and tuning new aspects of your existing being to create a more effective spiritual vehicle. In turn, this allows ease of the spiritual frequencies to enter the being.

Whenever taken, this essence transmits the amber light which activates the hair line nadi. It helps one to see at a throat chakra level which will encourage clairvoyant abilities. It empowers the solar plexus chakra, helping one to see subtle energies and in turn strengthening the whole subtle energy system. Helps reduce mental stress and empowers the heart chakra in a way that makes the physical heart stronger.

For those whose vibration is not quite high enough to hold the nadi open permanently, the essence will still work on this centre, but in a temporary way, teasing it into life for short periods of time, although not linking through to the chakras in a meaningful way. As the vibration of the essence wears off and the natural vibratory rate of the body resumes its natural balance, the centre will close again.


Weather:Overcast and humid.

Time:1.30pm Friday 11th August, year 2000.

Detail:This energy signature was taken from the top of the Needle Stone in the centre of the circle, where the energy from the earth current is shooting into the air.


£15 plus P & P