Quickening - from Wheel of Light Essences

Group: Spiritual Evolution

Keynote: The time is now

This is a potent essence for Spiritual Evolution, not suitable for everyone as it can have a very powerful effect on the heart chakra.

Quickening is an archaic term meaning, opening the consciousness into different realities, quickly. This often comes like a fire which burns inside you, sometimes accompanied by a kind of inner pressure, both of which drive you, neither of which you can control or turn off. This is what was coursing through me at the time this essence was born.

Quickening is also a term used to describe the growth of a child when they first begin to move in the womb at around sixteen weeks. It is said to be the time that the soul comes into the foetus.

The path of all those who pass through the fire of evolution must walk through the consciousness of the heart chakra first. It is only through this chakra that all life and higher vision can be seen to be understood. Without the quickening of this part of the being, then no real evolution takes place, only an illusory one.

This essence may open the heart in a powerful, and possibly even painful way, as when we begin to open through the heart we feel our emotions more forcefully. Feeling the emotions is to feel alive, but at the same time we also feel our pain.

The pain can be great and difficult to assimilate or overcome for some people. What we have to remember is that all emotion is energy and if you take this essence it would be helpful if you know how to work with energy, how to release the pressure of emotion or how to change thought patterns to defuse their power within you. You may need to be able to release yourself from the emotional grip which can be perpetrated upon you by your inner, deeper self, as your higher-self tries to drag you through an evolutionary process.

The Guides Speak:
"This is an essence which you don't need to know much about. It will speak to those who are ready for it. Those who are not sure if it is for them or not, should leave it alone until you are. If you take this essence, be certain that it can upset your balance dramatically. Everything comes at a price in the evolutionary market place. Don't ever think that you can evolve without paying the price!

"This essence kicks you in the heart. The essence will awaken you to the misery that you create for yourself, and point out the magnificence which can be yours if you wake up. It points the accusing finger at you which asks what are you doing with your life?"

The Guides often use quite colourful or powerful language when needing to bring impact to a teaching. Those of you who have had a one-to-one session with the Guides through me will know what I mean. They don't mince words when they are trying to help us see. It would be inappropriate to repeat their verbal description of this essence here, but you can rest assured that it is not for those who are playing games.

Just remember that when we are facing our issues, one of the main side-effects of the challenge is anger. Be prepared to be angry!

Location: Channelled through a Pyramid of Light, at home, Prestwich.

Weather: Sunny and Bright.

Time: 3.00 pm, 12th April 2004. Easter Monday, resurrection.

Detail: This essence was given via Spiritual Transmission.


£20 plus P & P