Enlightenment - from Wheel of Light Essences

Group: Spiritual Evolution

Keynote: Illumination

Bringing the Light closer...

This essence activates energies in the crown chakra which generate golden Angelic frequencies. This golden light then radiates outward into the world and the heavens as a call to the Angels that you are ready to receive.

Some people naturally embody and transmit these frequencies of light, and those who do are helped and accompanied by the Angelic Host in much of their work and life in general. By bringing the energy of this essence into your being and preparing yourself by your own efforts, you are seen as asking for Angelic help.

Angels will naturally be drawn to this light. They will see it from great distances as it transcends space and time. When they see you and see your call for assistance, they will come into your life in as many ways as they can in order to guide you and help to bring you the illumination you either need or desire.

Illumination is the brightening of your life through the ability to take in more spiritual light. Touching Angels and "knowing it" is one of the first steps into illumination.

When you take this essence it is like sending out an S.O.S. to the Angels, the essence puts the light into you and then your higher-self transmits its message.

Location: Channelled through a Pyramid of Light, at home, Prestwich.

Weather: Raining.

Time: Mid-day, 12th April 2004. Easter Monday, resurrection.

Detail: This essence was given via Spiritual Transmission.


£20 plus P & P