Beacon of Light - from Wheel of Light Essences

Group: Spiritual Evolution.

Keynote: Radiation and Awakening.

The Teaching
I am the Old Lady and I demand respect. I do not give my secrets away easily or lightly. In here (within the labyrinth) you will discover the need for silence. Also, for reverence and tranquillity on all levels, for that is the only way you will find your way in. This is the only way I will let you in. This is a lesson for all who would come to this place. This place of secrets.

The lesson is that sometimes you will not be allowed access to these sacred places unless you show yourself reverence first, as well as me. This is learning to respect yourselves first and then learning that you will only find the answers you seek through that reverence. 'Allowing the Space' is a key phrase that you must learn and then apply to yourselves in order to gain access to certain levels of the consciousness of the Universe. The "Need for Silence" is the silence within yourselves. You must create silence within yourself so that you can feel the reverence within you. You must feel you are worthy. This state will then allow the tranquillity to emerge. When you have learned to "Allow the Space" to occur within you, then you will be in a position to give true reverence to those around you, whether in the human world or that of nature. You will then be ready to receive.

I speak of the Universe, because that is what you are accessing here today. You are not accessing the elemental realms, the nature spirits or the Earth Mother but I, as the supreme Being and Guardian of this portal, am instructed to allow you access to the mysteries of the Universe. (I very much received the impression that if she wasn't thus instructed, then we wouldn't have been allowed access that day, or certainly until we had taken the time to create the reverence within us as a group).

The Essence
You now have the key to access this place of consciousness in the essence which has been granted to you, as you stood in the centre of my heart, within the centre of this old labyrinthine structure.

You can journey to many places of interest through the connections this essence will open to you, now that it has been brought to the world of humanity. But the place that true seekers will access will be "the Heart of Creation".

In the heart of creation, you will find the answers to many things, but most importantly for you, the seekers, you will access the power of God as it manifests to bring you through the "Doors of Perception" to a point of knowing that you are part of God himself, or, that aspects of God are now manifesting within you, awakening you. You are coming into light. These are aspects of his consciousness, which have not, until this time, been active within the world on a large scale. Also, this light will establish a connection deep within yourself which will unfold similar links within others. As you work with this essence, you will become a "Beacon of Light". This light which manifests within you and then radiates without you, contains glimpses of the Universal Consciousness which others will sense.

When they sense this particular light, they will not know what it is, but they will know that it is both unusual and special. They will not know that it is an aspect of God, which does not yet reside within many on the Earth at present, but they will be drawn to know more. This light is now entering the world to help awaken others and as a carrier of this light you will be able to help unconsciously to direct them. This essence will empower all who take it at whatever level they can process the light within. It will push to open those places which are ready to receive the light, but which are not quite ready by themselves. It is a facilitator into light.

This light is not a vibration as you understand the nature of vibrations within essences, but it utilises a vibration within the essence to open a door. Therefore, the essence is a "key to a door" and this is how you should see it. Do not understand this as a vibration which brings changes to your consciousness, as in traditional essences, for this transcends that level of function, but see the essence as a key to a door which takes certain parts of your inner being into another realm. Behind this door you will enter into a space that relatively few have journeyed into, and this door will only be opened to those who are truly ready to receive at this level. There are many aspects of God. We might say that there are almost endless possibilities of aspects of God, and this key has been granted to you today, so that you can bring it to those who are truly ready to "know" this particular aspect of God.

Those who are ready will journey to the Universal place where they can stare, with their heart, into the eye of God and be held in his presence. He holds you in this presence and nurtures your "need to know", to a point of completion.

You may come and you may go within this space when you are ready to receive this wisdom, but, in order to gain access you must remember the teachings above and when you are deemed ready, the door will be opened to you.

The keywords with this essence are Radiation and Awakening. These refer to the way the Beacon of Light within you radiates outwards from you, into the world, and as it does so, awakens those who are ready to perceive it's light on whatever level.

The Lindbacke Labyrinth has stood here for over a thousand years.

The Lindbacke Labyrinth has stood here for over a thousand years.

Location: Lindbacke Labyrinth, (pronounced Lindbacker), Near Nykping, approximately 80km south of Stockholm, Sweden.

Weather: Sunny and bright, cloudy later.

Time: Between 2.30pm and 4pm, June 5th, 2004.

Detail: This essence was accessed via the Spirit of the Labyrinth.


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