Awareness - from Wheel of Light Essences

Group: Spiritual Evolution.

Keynote: Electrifying

This essence works primarily in the aura. It cleanses and pushes out heavier energies to leave the aura vibrant and tuned to a fine pitch. It activates the electro-magnetic fields to a point of sensitivity where it is possible to sense more of the subtle realms, training you to feel and know.

Continued use of this essence over a period of several weeks will bring the aura into a state of tune, which can be extremely solid and robust in the way that it can maintain its strength of purpose. The purpose of course is to maintain the sensitivity so that you can more easily experience information from areas other than the mere physical.

In a nutshell, this essence creates space for you to sense the things you normally can't. However, it does rely to some degree on your ability. For example, if you are completely blocked, a meat eater, alcohol consumer and live a life which is not conducive to raising your vibration, or you are not sensitive in any way, then don't expect it to perform miracles. But, if you are careful, considered and determined in your approach to spiritual matters, then regular use of this essence will help to fine-tune you in many areas.

Group Work:
This essence is also good for group work, as it tends to tune and focus everyone's energy to a similar pitch. For example, whoever maintains the highest vibration in a group will tend to transmit the purest and most balanced signal to others. As the nature of this essence is to cleanse and tune, it will amplify the highest vibrations most easily and these will then magnetically help to lift the other members of the group, as they not only absorb the energy from the essence, but also the energy of the higher frequencies being transmitted by their colleagues. So, if you imagine it like a pyramid, the person with the highest energy state, at the top of the pyramid, pulls the rest upwards towards that energetic peak.

The Guides Speak:
"If this essence was taken by the whole community of a small town, you would all notice the difference within a few weeks as to how the vibration of individuals raises and people become less fearful and more trusting. The light given off by this change would be palpable to anyone visiting the town. There would be a sense of being uplifted by those whom you come into contact with."

Companies or Office Groups:
There are those businesses who are more aware and always looking for something which will give them an advantage, such as those who bring in the Feng Shui consultants, shamen or whatever. In terms of communication, again this essence if taken by the whole of the workforce would aid in bringing them to a common focus with a balance that is always being raised by the people with the highest vibration. It would be ideal to put a few drops in the water cooler.

Location: Channelled through a Pyramid of Light, at home, Prestwich.

Weather: Sunlight

Time: 2.00 pm, 12th April 2004. Easter Monday, resurrection.

Detail: This essence was accessed via the Spirit of the Labyrinth.


£20 plus P & P