Extreme Hope - from Extreme Essences

Keynote:Finding Your Way Out of Darkness.

General Attributes of Positive Emotional Enhancers

Positive Enhancers can be used anytime and anywhere. One does not need to feel down in order to use a Positive Enhancer. As with the Negative Neutralisers, these Extreme Essences plumb the depths of your consciousness to do their work. When used on a daily basis, they continually access the deepest core consciousness of a specific Positive Emotion, motivating its magic and enhancing its radiance as it releases into your life. As the essence accesses the positive emotion, it rises from the deepest levels, flooding the emotional ocean with Divine Light and positive attributes. As this filters upwards into the surface consciousness, it continually strives to bring higher vibrational aspiration into your life.

The Positive Enhancers seek out the spark of Divinity within a Positive Emotion accessing the core of the energy to amplify and magnify its essence towards a pinnacle of perfected radiance. They find and kindle the spark within, which is the like of itself. That released Light is then radiated into the places of darkness and illumination takes place. Use these essences and just let it be.

Specific Attributes

Hope springs eternal,
Goes the old saying,
But what does that mean?

Hope is the essence,
Of a liquid dream.

Imagine a stream springing from within the Earth, bringer of the pure life-giving waters from the great aquifers deep within the earth, where there is an endless supply which has been stored for millennia. That is Hope. An eternal flow, from an eternal source.

Hope springs from an eternal stream of life deep within. It opens your mind to optimism, to vision, to reality, but also to illusion, all in one. The key phrase is that it opens you.

It opens you as it runs through you from the source, attempting to awaken you to the possibilities of ever higher attainment. Hope is an awakener, but it can also be a false prophet.

Hope tries to align you with the guidance that is within. It tries to align you to the God-force at your core. It tries to illuminate you to the presence of the God within you and the guidance of your own Higher Self. However, Hope can lead the unwary into dreaming the illusion, rather than attaining the reality.

As Hope illuminates you within, it can take two directions within the Being of mankind. It can illuminate both the mind and the heart. It can do this together or separately. If Hope illuminates only the mind, then you will proceed on a journey of False Hope, as the mind will be driven by grasping desires and insecurities. If Hope illuminates the heart, then it guides you in truth.

It is never the Hope which is at fault, but the way in which one allows it to illuminate you. The way one hears its voice of light. The Heart is the stronger path, but in order to maximise the incredible potential of Hope, one must allow it to illuminate both heart and mind in a state of balance.

Hope is a rescuer. It wells up in times of darkness, it brings light in times of trauma, it attempts to drive you on.

Bless Hope and trust it to come to your aid when times are difficult, but allow it to illuminate your true path in your heart and when you are eventually on your true path, you will not need so much of Hope to guide you as you will be in that place within which constantly speaks to you of your direction.

But hold out Hope for others, for Hope is something you can use and direct. It is an energy. It is a light. Hold it out for the rest of the world so that others might find the path within. Hope that others might learn to use its light effectively to find their way out of the darkness.

Peace be with you.

The beauty of the Rectory Oak revealed.

The beauty of the Rectory Oak revealed.

Location:Channelled to Earth via The Rectory Oak Tree.


Time:A 24 hour channelling between 12.30 pm 26th February 2007 and 2.30pm 27th February 2007.

Reading Time:The Reading was received at 01.32am, 16th November 2007.

Detail:This Extreme Essence has been brought to earth from the furthest reaches of time and the vast expanses of space through the cooperation of trees.


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