Boscawen-un No.1 -THE QUARTZ STONE - from Devic Essences

Group:Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:Communication and Compassion

Cleansing and Inner Communication: This essence transmits an ethereal, white spiritual frequency, causing a resonant response from within the core of one’s being. Manifesting from within, this white energy then blasts out through all the chakras in a cleansing action at a spiritual level. It subsequently fills the whole aura, which, where necessary, brings about a much needed equilibrium throughout the subtle energy system, bringing the whole being into a state of balanced inner communication with itself at a deep spiritual level. It’s focus is not to connect you with outer or higher levels of spiritual information, but puts you in touch with what is already within you, which you can readily utilise.

Group Meditation: This essence helps in meditation, prayer, spiritual practice of any kind and works particularly well in group situations. Within a group, the essence will work to bring everyone into the same level of spiritual awareness by transmitting the same frequency from within each person. It also generates a protective shield within the aura. It allows one to both speak and receive from a deeper spiritual perspective as all members of the group are tuned to the same spiritual frequency, which calms and balances while creating one specific vibration of communication focus.

It creates a link with others at a heart chakra level. Connects one’s own consciousness very strongly with one’s own heart chakra and acts very powerfully to soften and open this energy centre, which is greatly needed in this time of planetary evolution. Allows one to feel the pain of others through clairscentient connection, but also allows one to release one’s own locked-in pain at this level, which will dissolve into particulate and drift from the being upon the chakra breeze. Brings about greater perception and compassion for humanity.

Specialised Use: For group work, make the essence the focus of attention for a moment, allowing everyone to attune to this focus. Then each person take three drops under the tongue. This will help to bring about a unified state of consciousness within the group.

Also, if working in a group situation with a crystal as a central focus, a few drops upon the crystal will transmit the vibration throughout the room and into the fabric of the building. This places everyone present into a sea of energy vibrating at the same resonance as that within their own inner temple.


Weather:Overcast and humid.

Time:1.00pm Friday 11th August, year 2000.

Detail:This energy signature was obtained from the top of the Quartz Stone.


£15 plus P & P