Extreme Courage - from Extreme Essences

Keynote:Releasing the Darkness

General Attributes of Positive Emotional Enhancers

Positive Enhancers can be used anytime and anywhere. One does not need to feel down in order to use a Positive Enhancer. As with the Negative Neutralisers, these Extreme Essences plumb the depths of your consciousness to do their work. When used on a daily basis, they continually access the deepest core consciousness of a specific Positive Emotion, motivating its magic and enhancing its radiance as it releases into your life. As the essence accesses the positive emotion, it rises from the deepest levels, flooding the emotional ocean with Divine Light and positive attributes. As this filters upwards into the surface consciousness, it continually strives to bring higher vibrational aspiration into your life.

The Positive Enhancers seek out the spark of Divinity within a Positive Emotion accessing the core of the energy to amplify and magnify its essence towards a pinnacle of perfected radiance. They find and kindle the spark within, which is the like of itself. That released Light is then radiated into the places of darkness and illumination takes place. Use these essences and just let it be.

Specific Attributes
When darkness seems to be all around and change is needed, then sometimes, great effort needs to be made in order to transcend old patterns or an old position of resistance which may have dogged and controlled you for many years or even many lifetimes.

Letting go of our artificial emotional support structures is a must if we are truly to find our Real Selves and develop our connection with the Divine stream of consciousness which constantly flows towards us. This universal flow is always trying to uplift us. It is always bathing us in its perfection and beauty as it tries to awaken within us the trust to step into that knowing that we will be supported by the flow if only we can summon the courage to let go of what we bind ourselves to, out of fear.

Letting go is merely a process of "allowing", but we have often formed such strong attachments to our support structures that it is almost impossible to let go of them. Imagine a great ship loosing its lines to slip away from its mooring to voyage onward. Then imagine a great ship which has become welded to the quayside. We need to bring energy into our situation to break the bonds of that weld so that we may continue to journey.

It is at this time that we can benefit from the essence of Extreme Courage. This essence opens the heart and digs deep for the courage and power to change for the better. It brings the courage to let go and trust. It supports your emotions as you pass through transition.

When the darkness is consuming you, that is when the Divine Consciousness is closest and is trying to help you to let go. At this time, Extreme Courage will help you to release the darkness without fear.

Peace be with you.

The beauty of the Rectory Oak revealed.

The beauty of the Rectory Oak revealed.

Location:Channelled to Earth via The Rectory Oak Tree.


Time:A 24 hour channelling between 12.30 pm 26th February 2007 and 2.30pm 27th February 2007.

Reading Time:The Reading was received at 09.54am, 4th July 2007.

Detail:This Extreme Essence has been brought to earth from the furthest reaches of time and the vast expanses of space.


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