Extreme Hate - from Extreme Essences

Keynote:Allowing Love to Enter

TThe Essence of Extreme Hate is a Negative Emotion Neutraliser.

Extreme Hate is one of the original five pools of Extreme Emotions with negative expression created by God at the beginning of time for the human experience. The others being Anger, Despair, Fear and Sorrow.

There are those amongst us who have chosen to carry the burden of Extreme Emotions to help lighten the load of their fellow man and humanity as a whole. It is a choice which is presented to the personality by the soul at the point of incarnation. Those who have chosen to carry this load show great love for their fellow man and this selfless act is the mark of a very advanced soul behind the present incarnated personality.

The opportunity to assist the evolution of humanity in this way was first presented to the personality by the soul in times so remote in prehistory that it is almost impossible to comprehend the context. The load has been carried by many people for many lifetimes and is seen as a "Noble Act" by those who guide and teach us from above.

Extreme Emotion resides within the deepest parts of your Being. It is a feeling which, ordinarily, is almost impossible to touch with your waking consciousness, such is its depth. However, you may have a knowing awareness of it and sometimes it can rise up and overwhelm you with its intensity.

Extreme Hate
Extreme Hate closes the heart to light. The heart becomes a place of desolation. Of course, in the normal everyday world of waking consciousness as humans we function quite well, but at the deeper levels the darkness can be overwhelming and it is perhaps fortunate that we cannot experience ourselves at this level.

Those who carry the emotion of Extreme Hate within them often suffer from Self-abandonment or lack of Self-Love. They actually hate themselves and their lives. They think that the way forward is to love everyone and everything else unconditionally and to the exclusion of themselves then everything will be right with the world. They give of themselves more than they have to give. They abandon themselves to an inner ideal which is impractical and impossible. They think that they are loving the world, but they are really hating their Self.

If this essence has come for you today you are being told that it is time to allow love to come to you, rather than for you to love the world and everything in it. It is time to close the door on the world and light the fire of self-nurturing within. It is a time of allowing love to enter you.

This does not mean that you will abandon the world, but it means that you will learn how to connect with your Self and love your Self in a way which awakens you to the possibility that you might have been doing it wrong up to now, or that you have a pattern which diverts you from your Self from time to time.

The essence of Extreme Hate brings a huge lesson to help you see things differently. As the energy of Extreme Hate releases in your heart you begin to see life differently. You begin to see your Self differently. You begin to learn how to love your Self.

If this essence has been presented to you today by The Guides, you are being told that you have done your job well. You are being thanked from the deepest aspects of all that is. You are being encouraged to now let go of the ways in which you hate and despise your Self. Relinquish the burden of Extreme Self-Hate. It is no longer your task to support and carry humanity in this way of loving everything except your Self. Step out of Extreme Hate and accept the gift of Universal Love in its place. Step into a new freedom within the collective consciousness of humanity and from now on dwell with Universal Love at the core of your Being. Turn the tide of your life from Self-Abandonment to Self-love.

Peace be with you.

The Rectory oak in Autumn, bringer of the Extreme Essences to Earth.

The Rectory oak in Autumn, bringer of the Extreme Essences to Earth.

Location:Channelled to Earth via The Rectory Oak Tree.


Time:A 24 hour channelling between 12.15am 17th August 2006 and 12.15am 18th August 2006.

Reading Time:The reading was received at 01.57am, 5th October 2006.

Detail:This Extreme Essence has been brought to earth from the furthest reaches of time and the vast expanses of space through the cooperation of trees.


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