Extreme Anger - from Extreme Essences

Keynote: Deep Compassion and Understanding

The Essence of Extreme Anger is a Negative Emotion Neutraliser.

Extreme Anger is one of the original five pools of Extreme Emotions with negative expression created by God at the beginning of time for the human experience. The others being Despair, Fear, Hate and Sorrow.

There are those amongst us who have chosen to carry the burden of Extreme Emotions to help lighten the load of their fellow man and humanity as a whole. It is a choice which is presented to the personality by the soul at the point of incarnation. Those who have chosen to carry this load show great love for their fellow man and this selfless act is the mark of a very advanced soul behind the present incarnated personality.

The opportunity to assist the evolution of humanity in this way was first presented to the personality by the soul in times so remote in prehistory that it is almost impossible to comprehend the context. The load has been carried by many people for many lifetimes and is seen as a "Noble Act" by those who guide and teach us from above.

Extreme Emotion resides within the deepest parts of your Being. It is a feeling which, ordinarily, is almost impossible to touch with your waking consciousness, such is its depth. However, you may have a knowing awareness of it and sometimes it can rise up and overwhelm you with its intensity.

Extreme Anger
Extreme Anger is an aspect of original consciousness which holds the keys of transformation for mankind. Extreme Anger is a driving force contained deep within you.

Those who carry Extreme Anger for humanity, are often deep and great thinkers and evolve much more quickly than others through their ability to learn and then subsequently modify their behaviour, thereby constantly transcending their position in life. It might appear to those around them that they remain much the same, but at a deep level, their consciousness and understanding of the illusions of life are always expanding. What sets these people apart from the masses is their ability to stand outside of the influence of the collective consciousness.

As the collective consciousness harnesses and patterns the minds, and thus the lives, of the majority, those who can resist its manipulative and enslaving force begin to step beyond the prison which collective consciousness is. They become free on an inner level. As they move beyond being a captive of collective consciousness, they begin to see, perceive and understand from a higher perspective.

However, as they begin to see from a higher perspective they often experience the force of Extreme Anger within them manifesting as frustration at those around them who cannot let go of the constructs which hold them captive. It is a frustration at the inability of mankind to see the truth of life and how it harnesses him with its negative emotional drives such as greed or a desire to gain power over others and it is also a frustration at the slowness with which mankind appears to learn and evolve. Also, on a greater scale this frustration is felt for the larger community, those in power at all levels up to national governments and humanity as a whole as you learn to see how people try to dominate and control each other.

This frustration can sometimes seem like an ever-present companion, but its energy must constantly be allowed to vent itself. When it can't vent itself, then this is when the volcanic force can explode and release in the wildest of incomprehensible states of rage, totally alien to your known behaviour.

Creation or Destruction
Extreme Anger of itself is neither negative or positive, it is merely an emotional force which needs a little understanding of how it works within us. The force must be allowed to express itself in some tangible way. If you take control of the force, rather than it controlling you, it will be found that it can be a positive force for creation. But, if you allow it to build up within and pay no attention to it and render it no understanding, then deep frustration manifests into rage which can then release itself negatively as a force of destruction. When this happens, the focus of the destructive force maybe directed at other people or even directed inwardly in a self-destructive way.

If the Essence of Extreme Anger has been chosen by The Guides for you today, it is to remind you that you are connected to a deep and advanced soul; that the light within you contains The Keys of Transformation. It is to tell you that it is time to begin to understand the power within you for both creation and destruction. It is to tell you that it is time for you to begin to reach deep within yourself and learn how much creative power that you hold on behalf of all mankind and for the greater plan of all creation and ascension. It is to tell you that it is time to take responsibility to use the powers within you for creative pursuit and to remind you to constantly vent this force and not allow it to build up within you where it can release in a negative way.

As you work with this essence, it will begin to neutralise the negative tendencies of Extreme Anger and help you to develop the positive polar opposite which is Deep Compassion, bringing with it patience and understanding for mankind and the world as a whole.

Peace be with you.

The beauty of the Rectory Oak revealed.

The beauty of the Rectory Oak revealed.

Location: Channelled to Earth via The Rectory Oak Tree


Time: A 24 hour channelling between 9.00am 13th August 2006 and 9.00am 14th August 2006.

Reading Time: The reading was received at 7.56am, 31st August 2015

Detail: This Extreme Essence has been brought to earth from the furthest reaches of time and the vast expanses of space through the cooperation of trees.


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