Tibble Labyrinth - from Extreme Essences

Keynote: Imagination Amplification

"Receive you this essence", says the spirit of place, speaking on behalf of the sleeping princess who oversees the labyrinth at Tibble. "Take you this vibration unto your heart and allow it to penetrate until you see that Light, which harbours itself unto the water of life within." This means take the essence and see how it transfers its vibration to the water within every cell of your being."

"Speak into this Light and you will see what comes back to you. For this essence shows to you a Light of reflection of equal measure to that Light which is projected from your own heart into the world of man and spirit. (To speak means to question with your mind with hope and expectation)."

"Let this Light show you your own courage and truth, and as it does so, allow it to go deeper within you, for this is where the true magic of this essence is found."

"Firstly it awakens the surface and reflects Light back to you equivalent to your own efforts; but then, when you think that it has done its work, it opens into a different and deeper reality where it can take you into the expanses of space and time to bring about transformation based upon the information received."

The above means that the essence acts as a portal. Firstly it opens you, but then when you persevere with your questioning nature, it opens a second doorway into a deeper reality where you may find that it informs you how to lose your conscious limitations.

The Light of Imagination
When you work with this essence, what you imagine will be touched with a Light from another reality. This Light then amplifies your imagination to a point where it begins to educate it. It loosens the edges, so to speak, so that your imagination can expand and take flight into new directions, which border upon those which might have the faint at heart trembling with fear. When the spirit of place speaks of your "courage and truth" it is referring to your limitations based on your fears and your ability to embrace the fear and go beyond the limitations.

This essence will push you. That is its nature. It will push you into realities where you occasionally find that you struggle to hang on to your sanity. But this is the nature of pushing the envelope or the boundaries of your limitations.

As the envelope is pushed, you will find that you can avail yourself of Light, the like of which you have never experienced. The parameters of what you think are the limitations of your mind begin, not so much to expand, but to encompass more. This process is a little like your mind is everywhere at once, but you can only access a certain radius beyond your being. This Light expands the catchment area, so to speak.

The princess of the labyrinth gives you a key to a doorway beyond her own realms. Her innocence hides a great power and depth of reality, which is only touched upon when standing in her space; but stand there long enough with truth in your heart and the inner doors will be opened unto you.

As your imagination flies in and out of the realms of Light, the Light touches upon the imagination in a way which awakens it into energies which can only be described as different. This Light will affect all who use the essence in different ways as it is guided to enhance the individual aspects of your own Light and consciousness; and this is an individual process as none of us are the same. The Light will not touch two people in the same way, but will awaken and enlighten the imagination in ways, which have never been perceived previously by the individual.

Exciting the Heart
As the imagination is fuelled by the Light, the deepest parts of your heart respond to the excitement being created energetically at the extremities of your consciousness. The heart listens to the joy and wonder being expressed in other parts of the consciousness and then wishes to partake of the merriment. This means that an awakened imagination also awakens the heart into its own new reality, helping to bring about transformation at a core level of consciousness.

With this essence, you will be challenged. You will touch the fears which go with the territory of reaching beyond the bounds and limits of the safe and known parts of your conscious reality. You will find your mind looking into things which challenge all your concepts of what is and what isn't, as the Light tumbles deeply within you and opens your ability to see and touch that which is beyond most peoples' awareness. You will go through preparation and you will be thanked for your trust, courage and perseverance with transformation.

Use this essence when you want to push your own boundaries or when you are looking for answers, which come from "new" illuminated thinking or answers which form new paradigms. To bring to life and develop new paradigms is to stand in the guidance and trust your own intuition. This is the sphere of the true, inner shaman.

If you are taking this essence independently, rather than as part of a Guided Essence Program where it will be amplified, intensified and targeted correctly as the Light of Consciousness works with you, then the best results are obtained by taking it daily as a course over a period of between one to three months to help bring the answers you may be looking for.

With Love and Blessings.


Tibble is the only remaining ancient labyrinth in the Vostmanland province of Sweden. It is a rare example of a 15 level labyrinth made with between two to three thousand stones.

Tibble is the only remaining ancient labyrinth in the Vostmanland province of Sweden. It is a rare example of a 15 level labyrinth made with between two to three thousand stones.

Location: Badelunda socken, Vostmanland, Sweden.

Weather: A warm, sunny day with occasional showers. Just a touch of autumn in the air.

Time: Between 4.25pm and 4.44pm, 27th August 2005.

Detail: The energy signature was obtained from upon a stone near the centre of the Labyrinth.


A drawing of Tibble Labyrinth, copyright John Kraft.

A drawing of Tibble Labyrinth, copyright John Kraft.

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