Ysbyty Cynfyn - from Devic Essences


Keynote:The Cleanser

Cleansing and Stimulating: Transmits a green light which is clear and purifying. It carries frequencies of pine and menthol coupled with the energy of a mountain atmosphere, complete with streams and breeze. At a physical level it imbues the whole body with this mountain freshness which is extremely cleansing, especially to the head. It brings about a detox on the physical level. Invigorates the heart and circulation and stimulates sexual feelings as it works upon the base chakra. Also stimulates the mind towards spiritual inquiry. (As a matter of interest, as I began to tune-in to this essence, it triggered fizzing sensations in my nose and sinuses which brought on a tremendous fit of six enormous sneezes. Some cleansing!).

Immune System: Also transmits a yellow light frequency. This vibration keys into and activates the thymus gland, stimulating the immune system.

Emotional Cleansing, Strength & Balance: At an emotional level this essence highlights dark, cloudy matter which may be locked within the emotional body. These clouds are emotional issues which will subsequently be brought forward to be dealt with as one perseveres with the essence. Once the issues rise into conscious perception, the essence also brings the strength and balance to work on them and dissolve them. They are then eliminated from the emotional body, allowing the individual to move forward.

Specialised Use: To use for physical detox, rub one drop into the perineum at the meeting of the central and governing meridians. Rub one drop into the skin at the bridge of the nose. Rub one drop into the ziphoid process, the small lump where the ribs part at the base of the sternum, and rub one drop into the chest at the heart chakra.

Drink plenty of filtered or bottled water over the following two to three days to flush the released toxins out of the body.

Location:Near Devil's Bridge, Cardiganshire.

Weather:Overcast with patches of blue sky.

Time:3.10p.m. Sunday, 27th August, 2000.

Detail:The energy signature was obtained from the tallest stone, which is built into the wall by the lane which rises up the hill.


£15 plus P & P