Devil's Arrows North - from Devic Essences


Keynote:Opening Doors.

Soul Rescue: This essence transmits a very dark and powerful vibration. Very dark green, almost muddy in colour with an earthy texture. It gives access to the underworld and the energies of those underworld beings who are driven by dark forces such as changelings. It allows access to these realms primarily for soul rescue and cleansing. Many types of spirit can be drawn in and trapped by the occupants of the underworld, but these are mainly the more delicate ones like nature spirits, faeries and dwarves. Even Angels and the spirits of babies and small children can be found in this realm.

Although there is little danger for those with inadequate psychic protection these realms are indeed dark. The beings which dwell herein are relatively harmless to an adult human due to their lightweight energy. The underworld is merely a different dimension of consciousness, although it actually exists within the physical earth. Access is gained down shafts and tunnels into labyrinthine underground structures.

The essence also gives off a frequency of what can only be described as psychic sound. It is like a musical tone which opens doors to the underworld. Literally an access tone. This note is a combination of the notes A, F & G all played sharp and at the same time, as one would sound a chord.

Specialised Use: The best way to access this realm is to use the essence directly on the earth. Clear the ground and create a small circle about a foot in diameter out of small twigs or leaves. Place six drops around the outside of the circle but within the leafy structure you have made. Then take three drops directly into the back of the throat, while at the same time asking for a divine link between your own consciousness and the consciousness of the underworld realm. A shaft will be opened.

Cleansing the Earth: Rising up to the opposite pole of earth, the essence also transmits a sky blue frequency. This colour harnesses cosmic energies. As these cosmic frequencies are activated and directed into the earth by the Healer or Geomancer, they also act to draw in the frequencies of sunlight to assist them in the cleansing process. As well as cleansing the underworld realms of harmful vibrations, the cosmic aspect of this essence can also cleanse other dirty, foul, obnoxious, polluting vibrations within the Earth, such as those resulting from man’s activities. This essence can be used to cleanse Ley energies or Earth currents and can also be used in Geopathically Stressed buildings as a sort of ‘icing on the cake’ or that final sprinkling of ‘Faery dust’.

Specialised Use: For any kind of Geomantic work, three drops under the tongue will reinforce one’s energy system for protection.

Location:Near. Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire.

Weather:Overcast with patches of blue sky.

Time:4.30p.m. Friday, 8th September, 2000.

Detail:This energy pattern was taken from a little niche on the north side of the Northern Stone, about 4 feet above the ground.


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