Creation - from Sentinel Essences

Keynote:The Fires of Creation

The Channelling

Within the Essence gathered at Tynwald is the Fire of Creation - Renewal. The Internalised Fire. The Spark of Initiation - Mind and Consciousness Expansion. The Driving Force from which all creation springs forth. For Driving Force, read God.

That which opens the door from Inner to Outer. That which activates the Creative Force of the element of Fire within and then accesses and connects this with the Creative Force without, Universally speaking. Expanding the potentials for all communication between the Inner and Outer Self. A coming together of the potentials of the Inner and Outer Self.

As we learn to touch God on an inner level, we then have the potential to touch Him, or work with Him in co-creation at the same level in other realms. When you learn to do something within yourself, then you can do it outside of yourself by activating the same force of creation without.

This essence is about opening the heart within and allowing the force of creation to move more forcefully into your life. It is about allowing the God-force or God-consciousness within the heart to begin to speak more freely within your life. It is about understanding that when you touch into a vibration such as this you are already on a path of evolution and that you would not have been brought to this point, were you not ready to receive such a blessing as the Fire of Creation.

As you work with this essence, the light within will touch you in places which illuminate the deeper heart and allow the energies within to begin to rise up and move into your waking consciousness and your life in general. The old and useless energies from many lives past will be released allowing the vibration to rise. As this happens your Guides and Helpers can bring more light into you. Allow the light to open your heart.

Peace be with you.


Creation - The Hidden Portal


Sentinel Essences contain a Hidden Portal. This is like saying the essence has two vibrations, and therefore works on two distinct levels.
You can only pass through the Hidden Portal when your own vibration determines it.

The Old Tynwald Hill is the very Centre of the British Isles.

The Creation Point is the point in time and space where God created Adam. The Hidden Portal to Creation can take you back to the moment when the first human was created. The first born. The first creation of Being within whom aspects of the soul could manifest in order to learn about life in the denser realms.

This essence enables you to touch The Creation Point. The point where Creation of the humans first took place.

Therefore, with this essence we can learn to touch the consciousness of anything anywhere. It gives access to the whole of creation and all creation is consciousness, whether it be the consciousness of another person, or of a planet in a far galaxy.

This essence can help develop the ability to go beyond the boundaries of your earth- bound self. It allows expansion of the mind/consciousness continuum. It opens the ability for the consciousness to pass through the veils of other realms. It breaks down all boundaries and self imposed limitations. It triggers evolutionary processes within you. It allows you go beyond fear.

Complementary Essences

The Essences of Connection and Tynwald complement each other.

Connection activates the passive energies of Earth, Water and Air on an inner level, that is, within the aura. Tynwald completes the four elements by adding Fire to this inner mix.

When you add the Fire to the Earth, Water and Air you complete the four elements.

Fire binds them all together
and from the Centre outwards, activates the Four.

When the Four Elements are bound together by Fire, the Force of Creation activates and from the centre of your Being, moves outwards. From within, to without.

In this process, the Four Elements have the ability to fuse with the Fires of Original Creation to bring about dynamic change to any situation, or any life.

Location:The Old Tynwald Hill, on the Isle of Man, at the very centre of the British Isles.

Weather:Sunny and bright with high winds.

Time:Between 12.25pm and 12.40pm on Wednesday 3rd August 2005.

Detail:This essence was received from inside the walls of The Old Tynwald Hill.


£20 plus P & P