Connection - from Sentinel Essences

Keynote:Lift me Skyward

The following words were given as the energy was received into the glass vial.



Oozing from beneath the waves,
The Giant's Causeway paves.
His Earthful footsteps trod,
Upon this Emerald Sod.

Where Earth meets sea, meets sky,
The basalt columns of ripening rye.
Lift from the fields of eternal swell,
Know thee this essence well.

For it will lift you,
From within the Earth, deep,
Thrusting through the magma of life,
Sealing the fate of all strife.

Gazing to the far horizon,
In mystic vision,
Lying here upon the shores,
Of the Green Country.

Lift me skyward, into Heaven,
Lift me from the darkness, into light,
From within the Earth,
To see the Heavens, Bright.

Thank you gentle Giant's rocks,
A million pencils in a box.



Connection - The Hidden Portal

Sentinel Essences contain a Hidden Portal. This is like saying the essence has two vibrations, and therefore works on two distinct levels.
You can only pass through the Hidden Portal when your own vibration determines it.

Like Cernunnos, the Earth God, this essence connects the elements of Earth, Sea and Sky, or Earth, Water and Air.

This essence activates a movement of the three elements of Earth, Water and Air throughout and within the auric layers of the Lower Self, or what you might call The Aura.

It accentuates the inner Being, tuning all aspects of the consciousness to a higher pitch. This is a passive opening and deepening of the Inner Self. A kind of Inner Expansion. The bringing together of the passive aspects of Earth, Water and Air within you. The passive being the feminine, the more receptive aspects. So, we might say, an inner expansion of the ability to receive, to be receptive.

Then I asked The Guides, "But what about the element of Fire? Why do we not have Fire? We can't have three elements and leave one out". I didn't have to wait long for the answer, it was delivered within a few moments with the word Tynwald.

The missing element of Fire is located in the Essence of Creation from The Old Tynwald Hill. The two essences of Connection and Creation, when used together, forge a bridge into other conscious territory.

As the Sentinels unfold into their eventual perfection as a working group, the essence of Creation helps the process of joining all the essences together to create The Golden Key. We might say, the fire of Creation forges the links.

Peace be with you.

Location:The Giant's Causeway is located on the north coast of Northern Ireland.

Weather:Beautiful sunny day.

Time:Essence received between 11.35am and 11.50am on Saturday 4th June 2005.

Detail:The essence was received from upon the causeway in sight of Earth, Sea and Sky.


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